National Geographic October 1992


This charismatic Apache leader fought the relentless advance of settlers and entered history. A map supplement illustrates key sites in the cultural heritage of the Southwest.
Atlantic Ocean Geysers { Deep- Sea Geysers of the Atlantic}
Diving two and a half miles to the Mid- Atlantic Ridge, a U. S. -Russian expedition investigates mineral- rich hot springs, home to eyeless shrimp and source of the first pure gold found in the deep.
The Bolshevik Revolution: Experiment That Failed
Lenin’s Bolsheviks dreamed of creating the ideal society, but the communism born of their 1917 revolution proved as vulnerable to human imperfection as did the rule of the tsars.
Our Disappearing Wetlands
Rich and complex ecosystems, wetlands reduce water pollution, alleviate flooding, and provide critical wildlife habitat. Yet the U. S. loses 300, 000 acres of this natural resource each year.
Hard Harvest on the Bering Sea
In a brutal struggle with the elements, Americans and Russians reap the wealth of the waters off their shores. Now other nations seeking a larger share of the catch threaten the fishery.

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