National Geographic November 1992


The Lure of the Catskills
Known for dairy farms, trout streams, and borscht belt reports, New York’s scenic mountains struggle to cope with an ever increasing influx of flatlanders from New York City.
Eagles on the Rise
An innovative hatching program is helping the bald eagle, cherished symbol of freedom in the U. S. , to reclaim its historical range in the Southeast.
The Sense of Sight
Our most remarkable and complex sense is also our most valued. Throughout the world, science is unlocking the mysteries of human vision and developing weapons against blindness.
Maya Heartland Under Siege
Slash- and- burn farmers fleeing hunger and poverty are chopping down the forests of Guatemala’s Peten, home to the ancient Maya. Scientists use satellites to monitor changes in the region.
Portugal’s Sea Road to the East
Little kingdom with a mighty reach, Portugal carved the richest oceanic empire of the 16th century and left a lasting imprint throughout the Far East.

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