National Geographic July 1992


Mountain Lions { The Secret Life of America’s Ghost Cat}
A photographic chronicle of mountain lions’ first year in captivity yields an intimate family album.
Mountain Lions { Learning to Live With Mountain Lions}
These elusive cats once ranged across the U. S. Decimated by overhunting and vanishing habitat, only 30 to 50 remain in the East. But in the West, mountain lions are making a comeback.
The Spell of the Trobriand Islands { Trobriand Islands; Under the Spell of the Trobriand Islands. }
Living in apparent bliss, the Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea deflect the outside world with mocking indifference. But how long will the magic last?
Albania Opens the Door
Europe’s poorest country has emerged from nearly five decades of forced isolation under a representative dictatorship. Now it must struggle to catch up.
Life on a Wharf Piling { Pillar of Life}
As a magnet draws filings, a wharf piling in the Chesapeake Bay attracts a bizarre multitude of marine organisms – – from sea horses to shipworms.
America’s Third Coast
Arching along the Gulf of Mexico from the Everglades to the Rio Grande, 1, 600 miles of U. S. coastline juxtaposes fragile salt marsh and heavy industry, condominiums and empty beaches.

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