1991 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 1991

    Pumas of Patagonia { Patagonia Puma: The Lord of Land's End}
    The big cats of Chile's desolate south are radiotracked, photographed, weighed, and measured to help scientists learn more about these magnificent predators.
    America's Folk- Art Masters { Masters of Traditional Arts}
    Each a guardian of a folk art, from Appalachian storytelling to Irish dancing, these National Heritage Fellowship recipients exemplify the best of traditional culture in the United States.
    The Mystical Faces of Northwest Australia: Land & Sea { Journey into Dreamtime}
    Vast and little known land of extremes, from desert gorges to tropical coasts, northwestern Australia is home to a mere 89, 000 rugged residents.
    The Disease Detectives: Stalking the World's Epidemics
    New diseases such as AIDS evolve constantly; old ones persist. Stalking devastating outbreaks around the globe, epidemiologists seek clues to stop their spread.

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  • National Geographic February 1991

    Allies in the Deep
    International cooperation reaches the ocean depths as Soviet scientists invite Americans to join pioneering submersible missions.
    In Memoriam: Thomas W. McKnew and Melvin M. Payne
    The Chairman of the Society remembers two predecessors whose dedication helped shape the organization.
    Mother Russia on a New Course
    In the heart of the old empire, the Russian soul is reemerging, with long- suppressed voices demanding to be heard.
    Hong Kong- -Countdown to 1997
    As reunification with China draws closer, the people of the British crown colony look ahead with hope. .. and uncertainty.
    California's Harvest of Change { Harvest of Change}
    Problems of urbanization, water costs, and pesticides jostle for attention in the fertile Central Valley, the nation's cornucopia.
    The Surma of Ethiopia { The Eloquent Surma of Ethiopia}
    A little- known pastoral people cling to tradition in the desolate reaches of Ethiopia.
    Plight of the Boat People { Hong Kong- -Plight of the Boat People}
    Seeking freedom and a new life, refugees from Vietnam endure confinement in Hong Kong camps.

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  • National Geographic March 1991

    The Hard Way to the North Pole
    Crossing crevasses, pressure ridges, and open water, two Norwegian skiers reach the North Pole without being resupplied.
    Eye to Eye with the Giant Octopus
    To dive with the Pacific giant octopus is to learn about a gentle creature that can weigh 50 pounds and is as savvy as a house cat.
    Montreal- -Heart of French Canada { Montreal: Spirited Heart of French Canada}
    Montrealers lead the movement for a separate Quebec. A Making of Canada map supplement traces the history of the province.
    Dispatches From Eastern Europe
    From the Baltic to the Black Sea, countries freed from decades of communist rule struggle toward democracy, amid outpourings of elation. .. and violence.
    The Splendors of Lechuguilla Cave { Charting the Splendors of Lechuguilla Cave}
    With its immense chambers and astonishing formations, a recent find in New Mexico is the Grand Canyon of the underworld.
    Along the Santa Fe Trail
    The 900- mile- long trail that served as meeting ground for Anglo, Hispanic, and Indian cultures in the 1800s thrives with new adventures and preservations.

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  • National Geographic April 1991

    Ramses the Great
    Egypt's most celebrated pharaoh, Ramses II held power for 66 years, leaving behind gigantic monuments to himself from the Nile Delta to Abu Simbel.
    The Sphinx Revealed { Computer Rebuilds the Ancient Sphinx}
    With high- tech imaging and historical detective work, experts re- create the appearance of the enigmatic Egyptian colossus in the days of Ramses II.
    The World's Food Supply at Risk
    Genetically uniform plants with high yields are susceptible to large- scale crop failure. Scientists race to rescue wild relatives that could save the food supply of the future.
    Falcon Rescue
    More and more peregrines soar over California, but are they out of danger? Eggs with thin shells and high toxin levels in adult birds lead biologists to take a closer look.
    A Season in the Minors
    Winning fans to its homespun joys and sorrows, minor- league baseball enjoys a comeback, reaffirming the sport as one of America's national pastimes.
    Spain's Extremadura { Extremadura: Cradle of Conquerors}
    The harsh rangeland of western Spain, whose conquistadores set out for the New World 500 years ago, struggles to keep today's youth at home and traditions intact.

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  • National Geographic May 1991

    Welcome to Chicago { Welcome to the Neighborhood; Chicago: Welcome to the Neighborhood}
    Chicago, home to 80 ethnic groups, is a checkerboard of distinct communities that form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
    Eyewitness to an Elephant Wake
    Elephants of Botswana pay their last respects to a fallen mate.
    Iraq: Crucible of Civilization
    Civilizations and warfare evolved in the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys - - today's Iraq - - where great empires rose, then crumbled to dust.
    Once and Future Landfills
    Digging deep into garbage, researchers seek to solve the problem of mounting waste - - and uncover surprising facts about what's in our landfills and how long its lasts.
    Bhutan, Kingdom in the Clouds
    Three decades after opening to the outside world, this Himalayan kingdom guards its wild beauty while enforcing codes to protect its culture.
    Elephants- -Out of Time, Out of Space
    The international ban on ivory trade has reduced poaching, but in both Africa and Asia the largest land mammal faces the long- term danger of dwindling habitat.

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  • National Geographic June 1991

    Water and the West: The Colorado River { The Colorado: A River Drained Dry; Age- old Challenge: Water and the West }
    Increasing demand and persistent drought have drawn the reservoirs of the Colorado River system, a critical water source for seven states and part of Mexico.
    Secrets of Animal Navigation
    How does a bird migrate to a destination it has never seen, a salmon return to the stream where it was spawned? Scientists search for the internal compass and map that guide such long- distance journeys.
    The Wonderland of Lewis Carroll
    Behind the celebrated pen name was the shy Oxford mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who stepped through the looking- glass with his character Alice to create classic stories for children.
    East Europe's Dark Dawn: The Iron Curtain Rises to Reveal a Land Tarnished by Pollution
    Nations freed from decades of communist rule and unrestricted industrialization confront a harrowing legacy: air, water, and land deadened by pollution.
    Bats- -The Cactus Connection
    To the Sonoran Desert's lesser long- nosed bats, cactus flowers and fruits are irresistible. To the cactus, the bats are irreplaceable - - as pollinators and seed dispersers.

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