National Geographic March 1991


The Hard Way to the North Pole
Crossing crevasses, pressure ridges, and open water, two Norwegian skiers reach the North Pole without being resupplied.
Eye to Eye with the Giant Octopus
To dive with the Pacific giant octopus is to learn about a gentle creature that can weigh 50 pounds and is as savvy as a house cat.
Montreal- -Heart of French Canada { Montreal: Spirited Heart of French Canada}
Montrealers lead the movement for a separate Quebec. A Making of Canada map supplement traces the history of the province.
Dispatches From Eastern Europe
From the Baltic to the Black Sea, countries freed from decades of communist rule struggle toward democracy, amid outpourings of elation. .. and violence.
The Splendors of Lechuguilla Cave { Charting the Splendors of Lechuguilla Cave}
With its immense chambers and astonishing formations, a recent find in New Mexico is the Grand Canyon of the underworld.
Along the Santa Fe Trail
The 900- mile- long trail that served as meeting ground for Anglo, Hispanic, and Indian cultures in the 1800s thrives with new adventures and preservations.

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