National Geographic May 1991


Welcome to Chicago { Welcome to the Neighborhood; Chicago: Welcome to the Neighborhood}
Chicago, home to 80 ethnic groups, is a checkerboard of distinct communities that form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
Eyewitness to an Elephant Wake
Elephants of Botswana pay their last respects to a fallen mate.
Iraq: Crucible of Civilization
Civilizations and warfare evolved in the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys – – today’s Iraq – – where great empires rose, then crumbled to dust.
Once and Future Landfills
Digging deep into garbage, researchers seek to solve the problem of mounting waste – – and uncover surprising facts about what’s in our landfills and how long its lasts.
Bhutan, Kingdom in the Clouds
Three decades after opening to the outside world, this Himalayan kingdom guards its wild beauty while enforcing codes to protect its culture.
Elephants- -Out of Time, Out of Space
The international ban on ivory trade has reduced poaching, but in both Africa and Asia the largest land mammal faces the long- term danger of dwindling habitat.

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