National Geographic February 1991


Allies in the Deep
International cooperation reaches the ocean depths as Soviet scientists invite Americans to join pioneering submersible missions.
In Memoriam: Thomas W. McKnew and Melvin M. Payne
The Chairman of the Society remembers two predecessors whose dedication helped shape the organization.
Mother Russia on a New Course
In the heart of the old empire, the Russian soul is reemerging, with long- suppressed voices demanding to be heard.
Hong Kong- -Countdown to 1997
As reunification with China draws closer, the people of the British crown colony look ahead with hope. .. and uncertainty.
California’s Harvest of Change { Harvest of Change}
Problems of urbanization, water costs, and pesticides jostle for attention in the fertile Central Valley, the nation’s cornucopia.
The Surma of Ethiopia { The Eloquent Surma of Ethiopia}
A little- known pastoral people cling to tradition in the desolate reaches of Ethiopia.
Plight of the Boat People { Hong Kong- -Plight of the Boat People}
Seeking freedom and a new life, refugees from Vietnam endure confinement in Hong Kong camps.

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