2009 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2009

    The Real Price of Gold

    In dollars and suffering, it's never been higher.

    Fragile Russian Wilderness

    The Kronotsky Nature Reserve is best appreciated from afar.

    Countdown to Extinction

    Efforts at protection are celebrated - and scorned.

    Polar Saga, Part One

    Norway's Fridtjof Nasen was a pioneer of polar exploration.

    Polar Saga, Part Two

    Modern-day adventures follow in Nansen's icy footsteps.

    Inside the Presidency

    Few outsiders ever see the President's private enclave.

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  • National Geographic February 2009

    Darwin’s First Clues

    He was inspired by fossils of armadillos and sloths.

    Modern Darwins

    They're proving his genius - and finding his errors.

    Escaping North Korea

    Defection is daunting. So is starting a new, free life.

    Mustang Trail

    The crowded West has little room for wild horses.

    Voices From the Crypt

    Sicily's macabre mummies offer lessons about life.

    Mount Washington

    In winter Mount Washington blows climbers away.

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  • National Geographic March 2009

    The Canadian Oil Boom

    Tar sands yield millions of barrels - but at what cost?

    Saving Energy Starts at Home

    Suburban families go on a strict low-carbon diet.

    Mystic Waters in China

    Visitors are enthralled by the Jiuzhaigou reserve.

    The Sinai's Separate Peace

    Old enemies made a pact that seems to be holding.

    Path of the Jaguar

    Habitat loss is hemming in the big New World cat.

    Blue Whales

    The greatest whale is inching away from extinction.

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  • National Geographic April 2009

    Australia's Dry run

    Famers feel betrayed by the climate.

    Changing Rains

    Drouts and deluges could stir up political unrest.

    Svalbard's Ice Paradise

    Seals, bears and birds flourish on Norway's islands.

    The Woman Who Would Be King

    Why did Hatshepsut decide to rule Egypt as a man?

    Resurrecting Russia's Church

    The faithful search for a new, post-Soviet identity.

    Vanishing Amphibians

    Scientists race to save them from threats.

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  • National Geographic May 2009

    Ice Baby

    An ancient mammoth is lost, found, stolen, and probed.

    Recipe for a Resurrection

    Scientists could try to clone a mammoth. Should they?

    Searching For Shangri-La

    The mythical spot is now boomtown in western China.

    Up on the Roof

    A green thumb turns urban roofs from hellish to heavenly.

    Arctic Landgrab

    As the ice shrinks, nations vie for oil that may lie beneath.

    Leatherback Turtles

    Fridged waters don't stop them. Humans are another story.

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  • National Geographic June 2009

    The End of Plenty

    Our hot and hungry world could face a perpetual food crisis.

    Finland's Northern Light

    At Oulanka National Park a forest floor outshines the sky.

    The Forgotten Faithful

    Arab Christians feel outnumbered and alone.

    River Dolphins

    How'd they get to the Amazon - and why are the males pink?

    Made in China

    A sunken ship's 55,000 bowls attest to ancient trade.

    Deep Southern Caves

    Gold old boys and gals wriggle through unexplored mazes.

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