National Geographic January 1991


Pumas of Patagonia { Patagonia Puma: The Lord of Land’s End}
The big cats of Chile’s desolate south are radiotracked, photographed, weighed, and measured to help scientists learn more about these magnificent predators.
America’s Folk- Art Masters { Masters of Traditional Arts}
Each a guardian of a folk art, from Appalachian storytelling to Irish dancing, these National Heritage Fellowship recipients exemplify the best of traditional culture in the United States.
The Mystical Faces of Northwest Australia: Land & Sea { Journey into Dreamtime}
Vast and little known land of extremes, from desert gorges to tropical coasts, northwestern Australia is home to a mere 89, 000 rugged residents.
The Disease Detectives: Stalking the World’s Epidemics
New diseases such as AIDS evolve constantly; old ones persist. Stalking devastating outbreaks around the globe, epidemiologists seek clues to stop their spread.

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