2010 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2010

    A Better Life With Bionics

    The blind can see, a one-armed woman can fold her shirts.

    Sublime Scottish Islands

    Some call the Hebrides bleak. They're not paying attention.

    Asia's Wildlife Trade

    Demand for pets and medicines drives illegal trafficking.

    Restless Spirits

    In modern-day China, the dead still make demands.

    Befriending Nemo

    Clownfish captivate moviegoers, scientists - and anemones.

    The Singapore Solution

    The "minister mentor" wields a big carrot and a big stick.

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  • National Geographic February 2010

    The Polygamists

    A Mormon splinter group is neighborly - and notorious.

    One Cubic Foot

    Guess how many creatures you'll find in a cube of soil or sea.

    Protecting Patagonia

    Threats include shifting glaciers and salmon farms.

    India's Nomads

    They hunt. They herd. They charm snakes. And they're in crisis.

    Hubble Renewed

    The telescope now sees more clearly than ever.

    Curious Chimps

    In the Congo they seem as intrigued by us as we are by them.

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  • National Geographic March 2010

    Wolf Wars

    Packs are back. Westerners are glad, scared, howling mad.

    Peru's Puzzling Lines

    Why did the nasca etch giant birds and whales in the sand?

    Killer Plants

    They lure bugs into death traps, then gorge on their flesh.

    Changing Tribes

    Books and guns edge out old ways in Ethiopia's Omo Valley.

    Shanghai Reborn

    The megacity tries to juggle a storied past and future glory.


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  • National Geographic April 2010

    Water is Life

    Everyday wonders reflect the primacy of water.

    The Big Melt

    Glaciers that feed great Asian rivers are shrinking.

    Sacred Waters

    We are doused, dunked, and dipped - and blessings flow.

    The Burden of Thirst

    In much of Africa a faucet would offer hope and dignity.

    Silent Streams

    Freshwater fish are dying. Scientists have a rescue plan.

    California's Pipe Dream

    Dams, pumps, and canals can't stave off a water crisis.

    Parting the Waters

    The Middle East could be a model for averting water wars.

    The Last Drop

    Earth's future rests on better irrigation and shorter showers.

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  • National Geographic May 2010

    A Mountain Transformed

    Thirty years after the blast, Mount St. Helens is reborn.

    Shocking New Saints

    They're adored by Mexican outlaws and ordinary folks.

    The Secrets of Sleep

    Scientists want to know why we do - and don't - doze.

    China's Tea Horse Road

    Remnants of the legendary trail lead to modern thrills.

    Europe's Wild Side

    A team of photographers captures rebounding wildlife.

    Lifeline for the Lynx

    Spanish conservationists care for the wold's rarest cat.


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  • National Geographic June 2010

    Greenland's Changing Face

    { Melt Zone } Dust lands, ice melts, rubber duckies drown.

    {Viking Weather } Erik the Red's warm clime returns.

    Counting Cranes

    How many whooping cranes are there? Not enough.

    Mandela's Children

    South Africa wrestles with the legacy of apartheid.

    Foja Mountains Fauna

    In New Guinea, biologists find the craziest creatures.

    China's Caves of Faith

    Ancient Buddhas draw millions to Dunhuang.


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