1986 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1986

    Liberty: Her Lamp Relit { Liberty Lifts Her Lamp Once More}
    The great lady who welcomed millions of immigrants to America celebrates her first hundred years. Her biography - - from conception to restoration - - is recounted by Alice J. Hall.
    Canada's Untamed Fraser River { The Untamed Fraser River, British Columbia's Lifeline}
    Rival demands roil the future of the free- running river. David S. Boyer and photographer Chris Johns tell the story.
    The Philippines: A Time of Hope and Danger { Hope and Danger in the Philippines}
    As the 20- year rule of Ferdinand Marcos ends, the nation faces many challenges - - a troubled economy, Communist insurgents, Muslim- Christian conflict. Arthur Zich and photographer Steve McCurry report.
    New York Harbor- -The Golden Door
    Beneath Liberty's gaze, America's historic portal still serves the world. By Erla Zwingle and photographer Chris Johns tell the story.
    Corregidor Revisited: 43 Years After the Siege
    Forty- three years after the Word War II siege, Willaim Graves returns to the Philippine fortress that he escaped by submarine. With photographs by Steve McCurry.
    Model Airplanes: And Then to Fly { Model Airplanes: To Dream, to Build. .. And Then to Fly}
    Creations as delicate as a feather, as fearsome as a flying dinosaur, take wing when hobbyists practice their craft. By Michael E. Long and photographer Peter Essick.

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  • National Geographic August 1986

    Marauder Ants { Marauders of the Jungle Floor}
    Tracking voraciuos hunters on organized raids, Harvard graduate student Mark W. Moffett learns new secrets of the ant world.
    Uranus: Visit To a Dark Planet { Uranus: Voyager Visits a Dark Planet}
    Images beamed to Earth by the Voyager 2 spacecraft, Rick Gore reports, raise as many questions as they answer about the mysterious seventh planet from the sun.
    Argentina's New Beginning
    After a painful decade of military rule, Argentina looks to heal lingering emotional and economic scars. Bryan Hodgson and photographer James P. Blair assess its success.
    Soviet- American Assault on Victory Peak { High Road to Victory : Soviet and U. S. Climbers Conquer Pik Pobedy}
    Joining a Soviet assult on 24, 406- foot Pik Pobedy - - Peak of Victory - - William Garner and Randy Starrett become the first Americans to climb the four highest mountains in the U. S. S. R. Photos by Medford Taylor.
    The Quest for Ulysses
    In a modern- day odyssey, adventurer Tim Severin sets sail in the wake of Homer's classical hero. Photographs by Kevin Fleming.
    Oregon Trail: The Itch To Move West { The Itch to Move West: Life and Death on the Oregon Trail}
    Retracing the Oregon Trail, Boyd Gibbons and photographer James L. Amos recount the adventure of half a millionpioneers who struggled west seeking a better life. The latest Making of American map supplement, The Pacific Northwest, portrays their goal.

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  • National Geographic September 1986

    North to the Pole: One on Skis { Skiing Alone to the Pole}
    French doctor Jean- Louis Etienne makes a solo dash across the Arctic ice.
    The Intimate Sense of Smell
    More than our eyes or ears, our nose stirs our deepest memories, reports Boyd Gibbons. Photographs by Louie Psihoyos. Participate in a special Smell Survey to help scientists learn more about this mysterious disease.
    Invaders From Space- -Meteorites { Meteorites- -Invaders From Space}
    Most shooting stars of the night sky burn up before impact, but a few strike earth cataclsmic results. Kenneth F. Weaver and Jonathan Blair document what can happen.
    Remnants: The Last Jews of Poland
    The few survivors of a community that totaled three and a half million before World War II tell their stories to Polish journalist Malgorzata Niezabitowska and her husband, photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski.

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  • National Geographic October 1986

    New Nations in the Pacific { New Pacific Nations; At the Birth of Nations: In the Far Pacific}
    A U. S. trust transforms itself into three new countries and a commonwealth, with America as godparent. Carolyn Bennett Patterson investigates the metamorphosis of these far- flung islands. Photographs by David Hiser and Melinda Berge.
    The Dutch Touch
    The people of the Netherlands successfully cope with problems that might swamp a larger nation with a less practical aapproach. By Bart McDowell, with photographs by Nathan Benn and Farrell Grehan.
    Scotland's Deer of Rhum { Studying Scotland's Red Deer; Red Deer: A Scottish Dynasty}
    Dr. Clutton- Brock describes a 14- year research effort on the isle Rhum.
    Wall Against the Sea { Man Against the Sea, the Oosterschelde Barrier}
    The Dutch cap an ambitious 30- year engineering project with the giant Oosterschelde surge barrier to protect a major estuary. Larry Kohl tell how it will work.
    Red Deer: The Ancient Quarry { Red Deer and Man}
    Whether the prize of an English hunt or the product of a New Zealand farm, red deer have long been important to man. British zoologist T. H. Cluton- Brock assesses their global status today; photographs by Jim Brandenburg.
    Are the Soviets Ahead in Space? { Soviets in Space- -Are They Ahead? ; A Generation After Sputnik. .. Are the Soviets Ahead in Space? }
    Methodically building on experience, the U. S. S. R. boasts an ambitious space program that in some repects surpasses our own. Science editor Thomas Y. Canby reports.

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  • National Geographic November 1986

    A 1493 Italian Woodcut Shows Columbus Raching The New World

    Our Search for the True Columbus Landfall

    By: Joseph Judge (Senior Associate Editor)

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  • National Geographic December 1986

    Tsetse- -The Deadly Fly { Tsetse- -Fly of the Deadly Sleep}
    Scourge to cattle and humans alike in Africa, the tsetse fly stirs debate over land use. Georg Gerster investigates the continuing war to control the insect.
    Ghosts on the Little Bighorn: Custer and the Warriors of the Plains
    After a 1983 praire fire cleared brush along Montana's Little Bighorn River, archaeologists recovered artifacts that shed new light on Custer's Last Stand. Robert Paul Jordan reports on the still controversial 1876 battle. Photographs by Scott Rutherfo
    Halley's Comet 1986 { Halley's Comet ' 86- -Much More Than Met the Eye}
    The dazzling traveler that many watchers missed revealed its secrets to telescope, spacecraft, and jet aircraft, Rick Gore reports.
    A Long Last Look at [ Titanic]
    Robert D. Ballard, co- leader of the expedition that found the historic shipwreck last year, returns for a detailed exploration, aided by two ingenious seeing- eye undersea vehicles.
    Westminster, the Palace That Became Parliament
    Over the centuries a onetime royal residence in London has been transformed into the permanent home of Britain's lawmaking body. Patrick Cormack, member of the House of Commons, traces its history and traditions. Photogrpahs by Adan Woolfitt.

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