National Geographic September 1986


North to the Pole: One on Skis { Skiing Alone to the Pole}
French doctor Jean- Louis Etienne makes a solo dash across the Arctic ice.
The Intimate Sense of Smell
More than our eyes or ears, our nose stirs our deepest memories, reports Boyd Gibbons. Photographs by Louie Psihoyos. Participate in a special Smell Survey to help scientists learn more about this mysterious disease.
Invaders From Space- -Meteorites { Meteorites- -Invaders From Space}
Most shooting stars of the night sky burn up before impact, but a few strike earth cataclsmic results. Kenneth F. Weaver and Jonathan Blair document what can happen.
Remnants: The Last Jews of Poland
The few survivors of a community that totaled three and a half million before World War II tell their stories to Polish journalist Malgorzata Niezabitowska and her husband, photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski.

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