National Geographic July 1986


Liberty: Her Lamp Relit { Liberty Lifts Her Lamp Once More}
The great lady who welcomed millions of immigrants to America celebrates her first hundred years. Her biography – – from conception to restoration – – is recounted by Alice J. Hall.
Canada’s Untamed Fraser River { The Untamed Fraser River, British Columbia’s Lifeline}
Rival demands roil the future of the free- running river. David S. Boyer and photographer Chris Johns tell the story.
The Philippines: A Time of Hope and Danger { Hope and Danger in the Philippines}
As the 20- year rule of Ferdinand Marcos ends, the nation faces many challenges – – a troubled economy, Communist insurgents, Muslim- Christian conflict. Arthur Zich and photographer Steve McCurry report.
New York Harbor- -The Golden Door
Beneath Liberty’s gaze, America’s historic portal still serves the world. By Erla Zwingle and photographer Chris Johns tell the story.
Corregidor Revisited: 43 Years After the Siege
Forty- three years after the Word War II siege, Willaim Graves returns to the Philippine fortress that he escaped by submarine. With photographs by Steve McCurry.
Model Airplanes: And Then to Fly { Model Airplanes: To Dream, to Build. .. And Then to Fly}
Creations as delicate as a feather, as fearsome as a flying dinosaur, take wing when hobbyists practice their craft. By Michael E. Long and photographer Peter Essick.

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