National Geographic August 1986


Marauder Ants { Marauders of the Jungle Floor}
Tracking voraciuos hunters on organized raids, Harvard graduate student Mark W. Moffett learns new secrets of the ant world.
Uranus: Visit To a Dark Planet { Uranus: Voyager Visits a Dark Planet}
Images beamed to Earth by the Voyager 2 spacecraft, Rick Gore reports, raise as many questions as they answer about the mysterious seventh planet from the sun.
Argentina’s New Beginning
After a painful decade of military rule, Argentina looks to heal lingering emotional and economic scars. Bryan Hodgson and photographer James P. Blair assess its success.
Soviet- American Assault on Victory Peak { High Road to Victory : Soviet and U. S. Climbers Conquer Pik Pobedy}
Joining a Soviet assult on 24, 406- foot Pik Pobedy – – Peak of Victory – – William Garner and Randy Starrett become the first Americans to climb the four highest mountains in the U. S. S. R. Photos by Medford Taylor.
The Quest for Ulysses
In a modern- day odyssey, adventurer Tim Severin sets sail in the wake of Homer’s classical hero. Photographs by Kevin Fleming.
Oregon Trail: The Itch To Move West { The Itch to Move West: Life and Death on the Oregon Trail}
Retracing the Oregon Trail, Boyd Gibbons and photographer James L. Amos recount the adventure of half a millionpioneers who struggled west seeking a better life. The latest Making of American map supplement, The Pacific Northwest, portrays their goal.

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