National Geographic October 1986


New Nations in the Pacific { New Pacific Nations; At the Birth of Nations: In the Far Pacific}
A U. S. trust transforms itself into three new countries and a commonwealth, with America as godparent. Carolyn Bennett Patterson investigates the metamorphosis of these far- flung islands. Photographs by David Hiser and Melinda Berge.
The Dutch Touch
The people of the Netherlands successfully cope with problems that might swamp a larger nation with a less practical aapproach. By Bart McDowell, with photographs by Nathan Benn and Farrell Grehan.
Scotland’s Deer of Rhum { Studying Scotland’s Red Deer; Red Deer: A Scottish Dynasty}
Dr. Clutton- Brock describes a 14- year research effort on the isle Rhum.
Wall Against the Sea { Man Against the Sea, the Oosterschelde Barrier}
The Dutch cap an ambitious 30- year engineering project with the giant Oosterschelde surge barrier to protect a major estuary. Larry Kohl tell how it will work.
Red Deer: The Ancient Quarry { Red Deer and Man}
Whether the prize of an English hunt or the product of a New Zealand farm, red deer have long been important to man. British zoologist T. H. Cluton- Brock assesses their global status today; photographs by Jim Brandenburg.
Are the Soviets Ahead in Space? { Soviets in Space- -Are They Ahead? ; A Generation After Sputnik. .. Are the Soviets Ahead in Space? }
Methodically building on experience, the U. S. S. R. boasts an ambitious space program that in some repects surpasses our own. Science editor Thomas Y. Canby reports.

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