1981 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1981

    Buffalo Bill and the Enduring West
    A man whose nickname became a legend really was the quintessential Westerner- Pony Express rider, Army scout, buffalo hunter, and master showman. By Alice J. Hall, with photos by James L. Amos.
    Bombay, the Other India
    From glittering skyscrapers to desperate slums, India's commercial capital is one big paradox, John Scofield and Raghubir Singh discover.
    Living With Guanacos: Wild Camels of South America
    Tens of millions of these furry wild camels roamed South America until meat and pelt hunters devastated their herds. Wildlife ecologist William L. Franklin and his family spend months studying them in remote Tierra del Fuego.
    Saturn: Riddles of the Rings { Voyager 1 at Saturn: Riddles of the Rings}
    From a billion miles out, an unmanned NASA spacecraft sends home spectacular views of the haloed planet. Rick Gore relates why the images astounded and edified scientists. A double supplement shows Saturn full face and to scale in our solar system.
    Costa Rica Steers the Middle Course
    Kent Britt reports on a peaceable land of prosperous optimism where democracy works and armies are illegal - - a true rarity amid Central America's mosaic of strife.
    The Fungus That Walks { Slime Mold: The Fungus That Walks}
    An oft beautiful something called slime mold lives among us, behaving like both plant and animal and creating micro- sculpture in the wild. Text by Douglas Lee, photographs by Paul A. Zahl.

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  • National Geographic August 1981

    The Untamed Yellowstone
    Fishermen and farmers, industrialists and Indians battle over the dividing and possible damming of the waters of one of the nation's last remaining wild rivers. By Bill Richards, with photographs by Dean Krakel II.
    Maya Art Discovered in Cave { Maya Art Treasures Discovered in Cave}
    Recently revealed glyphs and paintings attract scholars to a Guatemalan cavern for new insights into the culture's golden age. Unfortunately, looters come too. Staff archeologist George E. Stuart and Editor Wilbur E. Garrett report.
    Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood
    Amazing learning abilities, surprising mating practices, and extraordinary sensitivity to electric and magnetic fields are among recent discoveries about the ocean's most feared predators. Marine biologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet e
    Molokai- -Forgotten Hawaii
    This small rural island where the action isn't is beginning to draw tourists and developers - - and divide the people who live there. By Ethel A. Starbird, photographs by Richard A. Cooke III.
    Finland's Capital Has Its Heart in the Country { Helsinki: City With Its Heart in the Country}
    Known globally for human- rights accords, Helsinki interlaces city skylines with rustic parklands for its half a million people. By Priit Vesilind and photographer Jodi Cobb.

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  • National Geographic September 1981

    The Wanderers From Vung Tau { Troubled Odyssey of Vietnamese Fishermen: The Wanderers From Vung Tau}
    Fleeing Communist takeovers in their homeland, Vietnamese fishermen and their families hope Biloxi, Mississippi, will yet provide the peaceful haven they yearn for. By Harvey Arden, with photographs by Steve Wall.
    Nahanni: Canada's Wilderness Park
    Exploring a far- north river the Indians revered, Douglas H. Chadwick and photographer Matt Bradley find a masterwork of grandeur and solitude - - canyons, falls, mountains, and forests.
    Manhattan- -Images of the City
    New York's best known borough vibrates with problems and newfound promise. John J. Putnam and native New Yorker Jay Maisel capture its heartbeat in words and pictures.
    Guardian of the Persian Gulf { Oman: Guardian of the Gulf}
    In a rare look inside strategic Oman, author- photographer Thomas J. Abercrombie reports how petrodollars and a forward- looking sultan are propelling a medieval land into the modern age.
    Silver: A Mineral of Excellent Nature
    The story of an extraordinary metal mirrors man's ageless striving for faith and healing, riches and beauty. By Allen A. Boraiko, with photographs by Fred Ward.

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  • National Geographic October 1981

    Far- Flying Phalaropes { Way Station for the Wilson's Phalarope; Mono Lake: A Vital Way Station for the Wilson's Phalarope}
    Ornithologist Joseph R. Jehl, Jr. , studies the clouds of sandpiper- like Wilson's phalaropes that feed at Mono Lake on their way to South America.
    Mono Lake's Troubled Waters { The Troubled Waters of Mono Lake}
    A High Sierra salt lake dwindles away as freshwater streams that once fed it flow instead to the taps of Los Angeles. Gordon Young and photographer Craig Aurness document a mounting California war of water and words.
    Our Phenomenal First Flight { [Columbia' ]s Astronauts' Own Story: Our Phenomenal First Flight}
    Astronauts John W. Young and Robert L. Crippen recount their near- perfect April launch and landing, which opened a new era of man in space. With paintings by Ken Dallison.
    [ Columbia Closes a Circle] { [Columbia' ]s Landing Closes a Circle}
    Author Tom Wolfe traces the space shuttle back to experimental rocket planes of a generation ago.
    New Finds at Aphrodisias { Ancient Aphrodisias Lives Through Its Art}
    Dedicated to the goddess of love and fertility, this ancient city in Turkey yields more stunning works of art. Excavation director Kenan T. Erim and photographer David Brill reveal the glories.
    Crosscurrents Sweep the Indian Ocean { Western Indian Ocean: Crosscurrents Sweep a Strategic Sea; Crosscurrents Sweep a Strategic Sea}
    Big- power politics swirl around little- known, idyllic, hardscrabble island nations lying along some of the world's most strategic sea- lanes. Bart McDowell and Steve Raymer assess what is happening from the Maldives to Madagascar.
    I Climbed Everest Alone { At My Limit- -I Climbed Everest Alone}
    Reinhold Messner breaks physical and mental barriers to reach the summit of the world. With photographs by the author and Nena Holguin.
    People of Fire and Fervor { Pakistan's Kalash: People of Fire and Fervor}
    High in Pakistan's Hindu Kush, the Kalash - - numbering only 3, 000 - - preserve a unique culture. Debra Denker describes her adoption into the tribe, photographed by Steve McCurry.

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  • National Geographic November 1981

    Atlantic Salmon Struggle to Survive { Can the Atlantic Salmon Survive? ; Atlantic Salmon: The Leaper Struggles to Survive}
    The noble leaper is making a comeback in rivers of the northeastern United States, but man's dams, pollution, and fishing fleets continue to take a heavy toll on both sides of the Atlantic. By Art Lee, with photographs by Bianca Lavies.
    New Jersey: A State of Surprise
    From factories to refineries to verdant farms and pinelands, from reclaimed garbage dumps to glittering gambling halls, journalist Jim Hartz discovers America in miniature in the state that turnpike tourists love to hate. Photographs by Bob Krist and Mi;
    How Menacing Is Acid Rain? { Acid Rain- -How Great a Menace? }
    Fishless lakes in North America and Scandinavia raise concern about the chemical showers that observe no boundaries and pose many questions. Anna LaBastille and Ted Spiegel document an increasing problem of the industrial age.
    After Rhodesia, Zimbabwe { A Nation Named Zimbabwe; After Rhodesia, a Nation Named Zimbabwe}
    Out of Rhodesia's long conflict has emerged a black- ruled republic faced with healing the wounds of war and fulfilling the promise of peace. Charles E. Cobb, Jr. , assesses its progress thus far. Photographs by James L. Stanfield and LeRoy Woodson, Jr.
    A Durable Scale of Values { The Natural World of Aldo Leopold; Aldo Leopold: A Durable Scale of Values }
    Naturalist, craftsman, teacher, conservationist, philosopher - - Aldo Leopold was all these and more. Boyd Gibbons and photographer Jim Brandenburg portray the sage of Wisconsin's prairie and woodlands.

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  • National Geographic December 1981

    Orange, a Most California County
    Exploding from farmland into grassy exurbs, the coastal swath south of Los Angeles embodies one manner of American dream. By Judith and Neil Morgan and photographer Vince Streano.
    New World of the Ocean
    In the past three decades science has revealed startling new knowledge about seven- tenths of earth covered by the seas. Yet man has barely crossed this watery frontier. Samuel W. Matthews tells of an extraordinary age of discovery.
    Report to the Members: It's Been a Banner Year! { It's Been a Banner Year! }
    Gilbert M. Grosvenor reviews the year past and year ahead, the Society's new Atlas, headquarters building, and TV specials. In 1981, he notes, membership reached a record 10, 850, 000.
    The Mountain That Was- -and Will Be { Mount St. Helens Aftermath: The Mountain That Was- -and Will Be}
    Plants and animals are taking tentative foothold in the devastation left by last year's cataclysmic eruption. More remarkably, the blown- out volcano itself nurtures bacteria, reports Rowe Findley. With photographs by Steve Raymer.
    Blue- Water Life by Night { A Galaxy of Life Fills the Night; Life by Night in a Desert Sea; In Hawaii's Crystal Sea, A Galaxy of Life Fills the Night}
    A host of rarely seen creatures rises in the dark off Hawaii to feed near the surface. By naturalist Kenneth Brower, with photographer- divers William R. Curtsinger and Chris Newbert.
    Pandas in the Wild { For the First Time a Westerner Joins Chinese Scientists to Study Pandas in the Wild}
    From a joint World Wildlife Fund- Chinese research program, U. S. zoologist George B. Schaller brings back unprecedented photographs of giant pandas roaming the forests of their native Sichuan.

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