National Geographic October 1981


Far- Flying Phalaropes { Way Station for the Wilson’s Phalarope; Mono Lake: A Vital Way Station for the Wilson’s Phalarope}
Ornithologist Joseph R. Jehl, Jr. , studies the clouds of sandpiper- like Wilson’s phalaropes that feed at Mono Lake on their way to South America.
Mono Lake’s Troubled Waters { The Troubled Waters of Mono Lake}
A High Sierra salt lake dwindles away as freshwater streams that once fed it flow instead to the taps of Los Angeles. Gordon Young and photographer Craig Aurness document a mounting California war of water and words.
Our Phenomenal First Flight { [Columbia’ ]s Astronauts’ Own Story: Our Phenomenal First Flight}
Astronauts John W. Young and Robert L. Crippen recount their near- perfect April launch and landing, which opened a new era of man in space. With paintings by Ken Dallison.
[ Columbia Closes a Circle] { [Columbia’ ]s Landing Closes a Circle}
Author Tom Wolfe traces the space shuttle back to experimental rocket planes of a generation ago.
New Finds at Aphrodisias { Ancient Aphrodisias Lives Through Its Art}
Dedicated to the goddess of love and fertility, this ancient city in Turkey yields more stunning works of art. Excavation director Kenan T. Erim and photographer David Brill reveal the glories.
Crosscurrents Sweep the Indian Ocean { Western Indian Ocean: Crosscurrents Sweep a Strategic Sea; Crosscurrents Sweep a Strategic Sea}
Big- power politics swirl around little- known, idyllic, hardscrabble island nations lying along some of the world’s most strategic sea- lanes. Bart McDowell and Steve Raymer assess what is happening from the Maldives to Madagascar.
I Climbed Everest Alone { At My Limit- -I Climbed Everest Alone}
Reinhold Messner breaks physical and mental barriers to reach the summit of the world. With photographs by the author and Nena Holguin.
People of Fire and Fervor { Pakistan’s Kalash: People of Fire and Fervor}
High in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush, the Kalash – – numbering only 3, 000 – – preserve a unique culture. Debra Denker describes her adoption into the tribe, photographed by Steve McCurry.

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