National Geographic September 1981


The Wanderers From Vung Tau { Troubled Odyssey of Vietnamese Fishermen: The Wanderers From Vung Tau}
Fleeing Communist takeovers in their homeland, Vietnamese fishermen and their families hope Biloxi, Mississippi, will yet provide the peaceful haven they yearn for. By Harvey Arden, with photographs by Steve Wall.
Nahanni: Canada’s Wilderness Park
Exploring a far- north river the Indians revered, Douglas H. Chadwick and photographer Matt Bradley find a masterwork of grandeur and solitude – – canyons, falls, mountains, and forests.
Manhattan- -Images of the City
New York’s best known borough vibrates with problems and newfound promise. John J. Putnam and native New Yorker Jay Maisel capture its heartbeat in words and pictures.
Guardian of the Persian Gulf { Oman: Guardian of the Gulf}
In a rare look inside strategic Oman, author- photographer Thomas J. Abercrombie reports how petrodollars and a forward- looking sultan are propelling a medieval land into the modern age.
Silver: A Mineral of Excellent Nature
The story of an extraordinary metal mirrors man’s ageless striving for faith and healing, riches and beauty. By Allen A. Boraiko, with photographs by Fred Ward.

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