National Geographic July 1981


Buffalo Bill and the Enduring West
A man whose nickname became a legend really was the quintessential Westerner- Pony Express rider, Army scout, buffalo hunter, and master showman. By Alice J. Hall, with photos by James L. Amos.
Bombay, the Other India
From glittering skyscrapers to desperate slums, India’s commercial capital is one big paradox, John Scofield and Raghubir Singh discover.
Living With Guanacos: Wild Camels of South America
Tens of millions of these furry wild camels roamed South America until meat and pelt hunters devastated their herds. Wildlife ecologist William L. Franklin and his family spend months studying them in remote Tierra del Fuego.
Saturn: Riddles of the Rings { Voyager 1 at Saturn: Riddles of the Rings}
From a billion miles out, an unmanned NASA spacecraft sends home spectacular views of the haloed planet. Rick Gore relates why the images astounded and edified scientists. A double supplement shows Saturn full face and to scale in our solar system.
Costa Rica Steers the Middle Course
Kent Britt reports on a peaceable land of prosperous optimism where democracy works and armies are illegal – – a true rarity amid Central America’s mosaic of strife.
The Fungus That Walks { Slime Mold: The Fungus That Walks}
An oft beautiful something called slime mold lives among us, behaving like both plant and animal and creating micro- sculpture in the wild. Text by Douglas Lee, photographs by Paul A. Zahl.

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