2016 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2016

    Great White Mystery

    They are the world's most famous sharks - yet we know so little about them.

    Beyond Reasonable Doubt

    Criminal forensics has been accused of being more craft than science. Can it shake that reputation?

    The Battle for Virunga

    At one of the world's most dangerous parks, survival depends upon making peace with desperate, discontented neighbors.

    Greece, Gods, and the Beyond

    Ancient Greeks believed that gods played a role in all life, from the underworld to realms above.

    Proof | Smartphone Americana

    After more than 20 years abroad, a photographer explores his own country.

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  • National Geographic August 2016

    The Shipwreck Shark

    Once the terror of the seas, oceanic whitetips have all but vanished.

    DNA Revolution

    Scientists now have a new tool to alter the DNA of living organisms. Should they use it?

    Science vs. Mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes spread some of the world's most dangerous diseases - and we still don't know how to stop them.

    Pandas Gone Wild

    The Chinese know how to breed giant pandas. To release them in the wild requires protecting habitat as well as the bears.

    To the Last Drop

    The Ogallala aquifer feeds a multibillion-dollar farm industry. What happens when the water is gone?

    Proof | Net Worth

    An artist makes scientific portraits of birds.

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  • National Geographic September 2016

    Lost Empire of the Maya

    The Snake kings ruled a large and powerful kingdom - and then they lost it.

    A Cure in Sight

    Medical advances offer an end to blindness for some, yet many still suffer from preventable loss of sight.

    Heat Wave

    Was the Pacific's deadly warm water just part of a natural cycle or a sign of a bigger change?

    { Special Poster } Pacific Coast, British Columbia

    Back in Fashion

    Fur is popular again, but humane treatment of the animals remains a challenge.

    Losing the Canyon

    An attempt to hike the length of the Grand Canyon reveals the commercial interests threatening it.

    Proof | Backstage at the Big Top

    For Vietnamese circus performers, daily life means focus, hard work, and dedication.

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  • National Geographic October 2016

    Unplugging the Selfie Generation

    A father and son find the rewards and challenges of getting young people to visit national parks.

    Deadly Trade

    What happens to rhinos if an alleged trafficker and a rancher undo South Africa's ban on selling horns?

    The New Europeans

    The continent's latest great migration is roiling its politics, testing its tolerance, and challenging its cultural identities.

    I, Too, Am America

    The newest Smithsonian museum takes an unflinching look at African-American history.

    Proof | Snow Monkeys

    The personalities of Japanese macaques emerge as they warm up in hot water.

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  • National Geographic November 2016

    The Power of Eight

    Octopuses appear as alien as any extraterrestrial, yet seem strangely akin to humans.

    The Race to the Red Planet

    Humankind's next big mission is Mars. But how long until we get there?

    { Special Poster } Colonizing Mars

    Changing Cuba: Here Comes the Wave

    A warming relationship with the United States has an upbeat but wary Cuba bracing for an onslaught of tourists from its Cold War adversary.

    Changing Cuba: The Caribbean's Crown Jewels

    Gardens of the Queen, Cuba's sprawling marine preserve, is an oceanic Eden in tourism's path.

    Fragile Peace

    Sri Lanka is beginning to reckon with the aftermath of a brutal civil war: tens of thousands homeless, tens of thousands still missing.

    Proof | Consecrated in Mexico

    Behind convent walls, cloistered nuns pray, work - and even play volleyball.

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  • National Geographic December 2016

    The Putin Generation

    Young Russians - like those below, celebrating the school year's end - grew up after the Soviet Union fell and Vladimir Putin came to power. Where will they take their country?

    Mind Over Matter

    Scientists are discovering how belief - through placebos, rituals, and mystical experiences - can affect the way we heal.

    Orangutans At Risk

    Researchers are gaining vital insights into the private lives of orangutans, but the elusive red apes face a precarious future.

    The Parks of Tomorrow

    America's national parks will always be beautiful, but a warming climate forces us to accept that they can't be frozen in time.

    Where Dreams Come True

    A half-abandoned research station in Tanzania is alive with the hopes and memories of those who worked there.

    { Special Poster } Saving Unique Habitats

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