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From AIDS to Ebola to Smallpox, viruses continue to evolve and affect our lives. This collection is offers a discounted price and launching off point to discover related articles National Geographic has published over the years.

  • National Geographic December 1978

    Ancient Ebla Opens a New Chapter of History { Splendor of an Unknown Empire: Ebla; Ebla: Splendor of an Unknown Empire}
    Excavators in northwestern Syria unearth a great city called Ebla, seat of a realm that rivaled the mightiest early civilizations, writes Howard La Fay. Photographs by James L. Stanfield, paintings by Louis S. Glanzman.
    Crossing the Atlantic by Balloon { [Double Eagle II] Leaps the Atlantic; [ Double Eagle II] Has Landed! }
    Three enterprising Americans, Ben L. Ambruzzo, Maxie L. Anderson, and Larry Newman, describe their pioneer flight to Europe, a feat that eluded aeronauts for more than a century. With photographs by Double Eagle II crew and others.
    Ontario: Canada's Keystone
    David S. Boyer and Sam Abell travel from metropolis to muskeg across the province that pulses as the heartland of Canadian unity.
    Epitaph for a Killer? { Total Victory Over Smallpox? ; Smallpox- -Epitaph for a Killer? }
    After an all- out global war, smallpox threatens no more, reports Dr. Donald A. Henderson, who led the successful campaign. The only live smallpox virus now left is held in laboratories. Photographer Marion Kaplan records the final victory in Africa.
    Winterkeeping in Yellowstone
    When tourist throngs leave and the snows come, R. Steven Fuller and his family stay behind to guard shuttered cabins and lodges above the Yellowstone River. It's a lonely life, but full of beauty and special reward.
    Thor Heyerdahl Sails in the Wake of Sumerian Voyagers { [Tigris] Sails Into the Past}
    In a ship of reeds based on craft of 5, 000 years ago, explorer Thor Heyerdahl follows the wake of forgotten Sumerian mariners. Carlo Mauri and other crewmen photograph the voyage.

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  • National Geographic June 1986

    Tracking the Elusive Snow Leopard
    Solitary hunter of Himalayan slopes, the snow leopard is one of earth's rarest large cats. By radio signals, Rodney Jackson and Darla Hillard follow the carnivores through Nepal's rugged Langu Gorge.
    The Tea and Sugar Lifeline in Australia's Outback
    You can get almost anything - - from beer to sermons - - when this freight rolls into isolated towns on the bleak Nullarbor Plain. Erla Zwingle and photographer William Albert Allard ride the outback rails.
    Bikini - A Way of Life Lost
    Can the citizens of Bikini Atoll - evacuated from this atomic test site 40 years ago - - ever return to their Pacific island home? William S. Ellis investigates their options, and James P. Blair photographs their plight.
    The World of Tolstoy
    With broad vision and sympathy for all mankind, this Russian literary giant wrote novels for the ages and helped mold the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Peter T. White and photographer Sam Abell visit shrines of his literary labors.
    Our Immune System: The Wars Within
    An army of special cells on continuous search- and- destroy missions guards the body against disease - - but cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and the deadly AIDS virus prove mighty enemies. Peter Jaret reports on the battlefront. Photographs by Lennart Nils

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  • National Geographic July 1994

    Boston- -Breaking New Ground
    From its massive harbor tunnel project to its first Italian mayor, this historic city is reshaping itself. A double map supplement highlights the Boston to Washington, D. C. , megalopolis.
    Northern Goshawks { Alone With the Northern Goshawk}
    Fierce raptors, dutiful parents, squabbling chicks - - intimate scenes of the hawks' life are observed from a tree blind, as their nesting grounds in the West fall prey to logging.
    Not since World War II have Americans been so aware of wasting things. Cans and bottles, paint, tires, and motor oil, it makes economic and environmental sense to use them again.
    The Tale of the [ San Diego] { [San Diego: ] An Account of Adventure, Deceit, and Intrigue}
    In 1600 the Spanish galleon San Diego sank while battling a Dutch ship 20 miles off Manila Bay. This archaeological time capsule of Spanish life in Asia has revealed some unexpected finds.
    Viruses: On the Edge of Life, On the Edge of Death
    Microscopic bundles of genes, viruses stunt tomatoes, drive dogs mad with rabies, and cause human woes from common colds to killer flus to AIDS. Scientists race to identify the newest threats.

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  • National Geographic February 2002

    Central Asia: The Stans { Central Asia Unveiled}
    Central Asia Unveiled From Kazakhs in the north to Pashtun in Pakistan, over 100 ethnic groups call these storied lands home. BY MIKE EDWARDS
    Cuba Reefs: Undersea Eden { Cuba Reefs: A Last Caribbean Refuge}
    Cuba Reefs Gardens of sponges and exotic fish bloom in the pristine cays of Cuba, the Caribbean's largest submerged island shelf. BY PETER BENCHLEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID DOUBILET
    Mount Etna Ignites { Etna Ignites}
    Mount Etna Ignites Europe's tallest active volcano erupts in grandeur, enthralling Sicilians and intriguing scientists. BY MARCO PINNA PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
    Leap of Faith { Salt Lake Valley: Olympic Leap of Faith; Salt Lake Valley's Leap of Faith}
    Salt Lake Valley Wedged between snowy peaks and its name- sake lake, this fast- growing oasis is ready for its Olympic debut. BY LISA MOORE LAROE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBB KENDRICK
    A Beginning
    War on Disease Microbes threaten billions of people in a world weakened by poverty, war, lack of clean water, and inattention. Former President Jimmy Carter introduces a series examining Challenges for Humanity in the 21st century. BY RICK WEISS PHOTOGR
    AIDS Turns 20 { Search for a Cure; Amid the Unrelenting Spread of AIDS: Search for a Cure}
    Search for a Cure Will a vaccine ever suppress HIV, the elusive virus that has caused immeasurable suffering- and more than 20 million AIDS deaths throughout the world? BY MICHAEL KLESIUS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KAREN KASMAUSKI
    Elkton, Maryland: The Wedding Zip { ZipUSA: The Marrying Place: 21921; ZipUSA: Elkton, Maryland}
    ZipUSA: Elkton, Maryland Where no- wait marriages once drew movie stars, thousands of couples still come each year to say I do. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY


    ANTARCTICA: A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION ( side 2)(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Topographic map created by BEDMAP consortium. ; Included: Terrain model of Antarctica' s bedrock landscape overlaid with satellite imagery of surface details; insets show erosion of ice shelves, emergence of Antarctica as a separate continent, ice sheet
    ANTARCTICA: A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION ( side 1)(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Included: Digital mosaic of Antarctica compiled from 4, 500 scans by Canadian Space Agency' s Radarsat I in 1997 during the first Antarctic Mapping Mission, a joint project of CSA and NASA; insets show surface elevation, ice sheet thickness, ice flow vel

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  • National Geographic October 2005

    The Next Killer Flu: Can We Stop It?
    Tracking the Next Killer Flu In Southeast Asia a virus that kills chickens is now also killing people. The race is on to keep the bird flu from ravaging the world.

    Triplet Epidemic
    Central New Jersey produces more than its share of twins and triplets- far more. What's going on here?
    Battle of Trafalgar
    Fatal Victory With a daring naval maneuver at Trafalgar 200 years ago this month, Admiral Lord Nelson led his outnumbered British fleet against France and Spain- and perished victorious.
    Missouri Stone Age Site
    Saving a Stone Age Site A dig along the Sac River in Missouri has yielded valuable clues about America's earliest inhab- itants. Now archaeologists must move fast before it's washed away.
    Cruelest Place on Earth
    Cruelest Place on Earth Baking temperatures, wastelands of salt- it's hard to imagine a more brutal landscape than Africa's Danakil Desert. But for the Afar people this is a home to die for.
    Hawaii's Outer Kingdom
    Hawaii's Outer Kingdom Wildlife as beautiful as art splashes across the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
    Street Elephants of Thailand
    Urban Elephants Thailand's domestic giants, harshly treated by some of their handlers, face a perilous future in a land of shrinking forests and spreading cities.

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  • National Geographic October 2007

    Sky- High View of Latin America { Latin America From the Sky; Latin America; Through the Eyes of the Condor}
    A condor's- eye view reveals a colorful mosaic of smoldering volcanoes, gleaming tin and tile roofs, and fanciful flamingos. INTRODUCTION BY MARIE ARANA PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT B. HAAS
    Malacca Pirates { Dangerous Straits; Strait of Malacca; The Strait of Malacca: Dark Passage}
    Modern pirates have long plagued Southeast Asia's Strait of Malacca, robbing sailors, kidnapping crews, and stealing entire ships. BY PETER GWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
    Growing Fuel: The Wrong Way, The Right Way { Biofuels: Boon or Boondoggle? ; Biofuels; Green Dreams}
    Producing fuel from corn and other crops could be good for the planet- if only the process didn't take a significant environmental toll. New breakthroughs could make a difference. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
    The Carbon Crisis { Confronting Carbon; Carbon's New Math}
    The CO2 from fossil fuels lingers in the atmosphere, so global warming can't be undone. But catastrophe can still be averted. BY BILL McKIBBEN MAP SUPPLEMENT: CHANGING CLIMATE
    Animals, Humans Trade Disease { Infectious Animals; Zoonotic Diseases; Deadly Contact}
    When zoonotic diseases pass from animals to humans, pandemics can result. Scientists are tracking lethal new viruses. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON
    Space Age Turns Fifty { The Space Age at 50; Space: The Next Generation}
    Sputnik left Earth a half century ago this month. Now proponents hope to revive the romance of human space exploration. BY GUY GUGLIOTTA


    CHANGING CLIMATE(31 x 20 inches)
    Contents: Map of world showing surface temperature change, 1976- 2006, and population density ( people/ square mile) ; map of world showing percent change in average annual precipitation, 1976- 2005; chart showing impacts of rising average global surface
    GREENHOUSE EARTH(31 x 20 inches)
    Contents: Diagram of the greenhouse effect, showing how the global thermostat is set by the amount of solar energy retained by Earth' s atmosphere. ; Included: Atmospheric gases ( carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, ozo

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  • National Geographic November 2013

    Last Days of a Storm Chaser

    For years Time Samaras pursued tornadoes for the sake of science, always taking great pains to stay safe. Then came the storm of May 2013.

    Paradise Revisited

    Seventeen years ago David Doubilet fell in love with the reefs of Kimbe Bay. At long last, he has returned to the Pacific paradise.

    Mapping a New America

    On a venture to rival Lewis and Clark's, we're exploring our vast watery frontier.

    The War for Nigeria

    They call it "the crisis": Islamist terrorists are trying to gain control of the north.

    Norway's Otherworldly Coast

    It has 63,000 miles of fjords, bays, island shores.

    Vicki Jensen: Virus Catcher

    In her airtight space suit she looks for cures.

    Excavation Impossible

    When digging is taboo, fate may unearth the past.

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  • National Geographic July 2015

    Stalking a Killer

    The latest Ebola crisis may yield clues as to where the virus hides between outbreaks.

    On a Roll

    Inspired by a bold chef and fueled by social media, a global food-truck craze picks up speed.

    Feeding Frenzy

    At feeding time killer whales reveal not so much their appetite as their cunning.

    In Gandhi's Footsteps

    Across India, the author sees where Mohandas Gandhi shaped history. But the leader's mark on modern life is less clear.

    Pluto at Last

    This month a space-craft launched in 2006 will get a close look at our solar system's former ninth planet.

    Proof | Mountain Men

    They reenact the early 1800s fur-trading life and celebrate self-suffciency.

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  • National Geographic May 2019

    Sea of Plastic

    Plastic waste washes into the oceans at an average rate of about nine million tons a year. Much of it eventually breaks down into barely visible bits - microplastics, which are so abundant that larval fish are eating them in their first days of life.

    Leonardo's Enduring Brilliance

    Five hundred years after his death, Leonardo da Vinci's stunning creativity and foresight in science, the arts, and engineering continue to amaze us - and to inform modern work in the fields he studied so long ago.

    A New Day in Mozambique

    Gorongosa National Park recovers from war.


    These elite crews parachute into forests to keep small fires from becoming major ones.

    Modern Girls, Ancient Rite

    A village in Spain welcomes spring the same way it has for centuries, by placing a few chosen girls on flowery pedestals.

    The Future of Dying in Style

    We memorialize the dead with the tools of our times.

    What's Keeping Scientists From Vanquishing Ebola?

    Four reasons that the extremely lethal virus is so hard to fight.

    Toads' Sex Life Hinges on Finding the Perfect Pool

    Their choosiness may endanger them.

    Finding Dignity in a Dirty Job

    Bayakou perform an essential service that they hide from other Haitians.

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