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Jane Goodall is best known for her study of chimpanzee social and family life. She began studying the Kasakela chimpanzee community in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, in 1960. Instead of numbering the chimpanzees she observed, she gave them names such as Fifi and David Greybeard and observed them to have unique and individual personalities, an unconventional idea at the time. She found that “it isn’t only human beings who have personality, who are capable of rational thought and emotions like joy and sorrow.” She also observed behaviours such as hugs, kisses, pats on the back, and even tickling, what we consider “human” actions. Goodall insists that these gestures are evidence of “the close, supportive, affectionate bonds that develop between family members and other individuals within a community, which can persist throughout a life span of more than 50 years.” These findings suggest that similarities between humans and chimpanzees exist in more than genes alone and can be seen in emotion, intelligence, and family and social relationships.

The Jane Goodall collection contains relevant National Geographic Issues with articles covering Jane Goodall. This page also serves as a launching off point to discover the issues that covered her work over the years.


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  • National Geographic August 1963

    The Magic Worlds of Walt Disney
    The creator of Mickey Mouse takes NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC on an exclusive behind- the- scenes tour of his production company.
    American and Geographic Flags Top Everest
    A National Geographic Society- sponsored expedition to the summit of Mount Everest helps scientists study glaciology, geology, and the effects of extreme altitudes on the human body.
    Walt Disney: Genius of Laughter and Learning
    Walt Disney, multitalented genius and cultural icon, has captured the hearts of millions of children with his colorful films and world- renowned Magic Kingdom.
    Channel Cruise to Glorious Devon
    Bordered by the cool waters of the Bristol and English Channels, Devon, homeland of America's first pilgrims, has produced a number of famous seafarers and a proud English stock.
    My Life Among Wild Chimpanzees
    Courageous young British scientist Jane Goodall lives among these great apes in Tanganyika ( Tanzania) and learns hitherto unknown details of their behavior.
    Fluorescent Gems from Davy Jones's Locker
    By shining fluorescent lights on coral reefs, a National Geographic naturalist makes marine life luminesce with stunningly vibrant colors.

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  • National Geographic December 1965

    Diary of the President's Daughter: I See America First { I See America First}
    After President Lyndon Johnson urged Americans and foreigners to vacation in the U. S. , his eldest daughter embarked on a trailer caravan to visit the scenic wonders of eight western states.
    Finned Doctors of the Deep
    Pacific cleaner wrasses nibble food from the mouths and skin of larger fish in the Pacific. In exchange, the wrasses win protection from predators in a peaceful coexistence called symbiosis.
    The Land of Galilee
    From a Christian's perspective, the author recounts his visits to Biblical sites in Israel. He also reports on kibbutzim and plans for Jordan River water.
    [ Finisterre] Sails the Windward Islands
    From the deck of a 38- foot ocean cruiser- racer, a lifelong skipper observes changes in the West Indies brought by tourism.
    New Discoveries Among Africa's Chimpanzees
    Four years into her pioneering study of great apes in Gombe National Park in Tanzania, Jane Goodall reports on her observations - - and on her 1964 marriage to photographer Hugo van Lawick.

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  • National Geographic May 1979

    Teaming Up to Help the Whooper { Teamwork Helps the Whooping Crane}
    U. S. and Canadian biologists raise the stately whooping crane's chances of survival by putting its eggs into sandhill crane nests for hatching. By Roderick C. Drewien, with Ernie Kuyt.
    Hawaii's Precious Corals { Precious Corals, Hawaii's Deep- sea Jewels}
    Marine ecologist Richard W. Grigg describes his nine- year study aimed at ensuring undersea gemstones. Photographs by David Doubilet.
    Napa, Valley of the Vine { Napa, California's Valley of the Vine}
    Vintages that compare favorably with Europe's finest support a major California industry, but urban sprawl nibbles away at the vineyards. Moira Johnston and photographer Charles O' Rear report.
    The People Who Made Saskatchewan
    Free land and a free life lured the venturesome of many tongues and faiths to Canada's plains. Ethel A. Starbird tells of the thriving province and zesty ethnic mix that resulted. Photographs by Craig Aurness.
    Americans Climb K2 { The Ultimate Challenge}
    The world's second highest mountain, in Asia's remote Karakorams, proves to be the ultimate challenge, reports James W. Whittaker, leader of the first successful U. S. expedition.
    Americans Climb K2 { On to the Summit}
    James Wickwire describes the final push to the summit and a harrowing bivouac on descent that tested human endurance. All photographs by members of the expedition.
    Jane Goodall Finds Warfare and Cannibalism Among Gombe's Chimpanzees { Life and Death at Gombe}
    Primate specialist Jane Goodall, continuing her 20- year study of chimpanzees, makes incredible discoveries: Rival groups wage war, and some individuals kill and eat infants of their own kind.

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  • National Geographic December 1995

    Devilish horns and a fearsome 20- foot wingspan belie the gentle nature of the giant ray.
    Orion: Where Stars Are Born
    The Hubble Space Telescope grants a fresh look at clouds of gas and dust forming around young stars - - perhaps the start of solar systems.
    A Farming Revolution: Sustainable Agriculture
    As sustainable agriculture takes root across the land, farmers large and small celebrate strong yields.
    San Xavier Mission { New Face for a Desert Mission}
    Preservation efforts restore the baroque glow of Arizona's San Xavier Mission.
    Teotihuacan { The Timeless Vision of Teotihuacan}
    New finds among the ruins are putting a human face on the great metropolis of ancient Mexico.
    Jane Goodall { Crusading for Chimps and Humans. .. Jane Goodall}
    Her decades of study show that chimps in the wild are startlingly like us. Today the pioneer primatologist travels the globe to speak up for their captive and orphaned kin.

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  • National Geographic April 2003

    Galen Rowell's Final Trek { Walking the Chang Tang; 275 Miles on Foot Through the Remote Chang Tang}
    Walking the Chang Tang In photographer Galen Rowell's final assignment, four mountaineers set out for the remote calving grounds of the endangered Tibetan antelope. BY RICK RIDGEWAY PHOTOGRAPHS BY GALEN ROWELL
    Caves of Oman { Dizzying Drop Into the Caves of Oman; Depth Chargers: Caves of Oman}
    Caves of Oman Deep in Arabia, scientists descend into some of the world's largest caverns. Their mission: To see if tourists could one day explore Oman's caves without putting their lives on the line. BY GREGORY CROUCH PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN L. ALVAREZ
    Jane Goodall Returns to the Wild { Update: Lessons from Gombe, Tanzania; What's New at Gombe; Fifi Fights Back}
    What's New at Gombe Forty- three years after Jane Goodall first set foot in the forests of Africa, Fifi is a mom again, Frodo is the alpha male, and Gremlin is teaching her twins to fish for termites. BY JANE GOODALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP SHAH
    France's Island Paradox { Paradox Island; Corsica: France's Paradox Island}
    Paradox Island On the map, the Mediterranean island of Cor- sica belongs to France. In their hearts, many Corsicans aren't so sure. BY PETER ROSS RANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRUNO BARBEY
    Jane Goodall in the Wild { Journey: New Hope in Goualougo, Congo; Jane: In the Forest Again}
    Jane Goodall in the Wild The famed primatologist meets the chimpanzees of the Congo's Goualougo Triangle, animals so isolated they have no fear of humans- at least for now. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
    The Rise of Mammals: Mothers of Us All { The Rise of Mammals}
    The Rise of Mammals Once upon a time, a warm- blooded, milk- producing, fur- covered beast was born. Since then, mammals have conquered every habitat on Earth. This is their story- our story. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK ART BY KENNIS AND KEN
    Augusta in Black And White { 30904: Playing the Fairway; ZipUSA: 30904; ZipUSA: Augusta, Georgia}
    ZipUSA: 30904 Augusta, Georgia, home of the well- heeled Masters, is simply down- home to area residents. BY RALPH WILEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN ERNST

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  • National Geographic October 2010

    The Spill

    Is another deepwater disaster inevitable?

    In the battle against oil, the Wetlands aren't giving up.

    The blue wilderness of my childhood.

    Time For A Sea Change

    Find out why a sardine sandwidh is better than a tuna roll.

    Australia's Lost Giants

    Jumbo kangaroos and ten-foot-tall birds once ruled the land.

    Being Jane Goodall

    Her 50 years of work have made us rethink chimps.

    Allard's West

    His camera captures cagey cowhands and sprawling skies.


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  • National Geographic August 2014

    Before Stonehenge

    The past looms large in the Orkney Islands.

    Gombe Family Album

    Meet some of the chimpanzees that changed Jane Goodall's life.

    The New Face of Hunger

    Why are there malnourished people in America?

    The Meaning of North

    In Russia's Franz Josef Land the melting ice is bringing changes.

    The Hidden World of the Great War

    Trench-fighting soldiers of World War I left behind a legacy underground.

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  • National Geographic October 2017

    Life On The Edge

    For centuries Nenets herders and their reindeer have made 800-mile annual migrations in the Russian Arctic. Now obstacles include climate change and a natural gas field.

    Becoming Jane Goodall

    Never before seen film footage shows the novice researcher during her landmark study of chimps in Tanzania. With fame came attempts to mythologize and control her - but also the means to continue the work that has been her life's passion.

    Dubai's Audacious Goal

    The energy-intensive city aims to go much greener.

    Debating Trophy Hunting

    Does hunting aid conservation, as some claim?

    Without A Home, Or Hope?

    Persecution is driving the Rohingya from Myanmar.

    On All Floors

    In an infamous Manila slum, apartment hallways teen with life.

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