National Geographic October 2007


Sky- High View of Latin America { Latin America From the Sky; Latin America; Through the Eyes of the Condor}
A condor’s- eye view reveals a colorful mosaic of smoldering volcanoes, gleaming tin and tile roofs, and fanciful flamingos. INTRODUCTION BY MARIE ARANA PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT B. HAAS
Malacca Pirates { Dangerous Straits; Strait of Malacca; The Strait of Malacca: Dark Passage}
Modern pirates have long plagued Southeast Asia’s Strait of Malacca, robbing sailors, kidnapping crews, and stealing entire ships. BY PETER GWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
Growing Fuel: The Wrong Way, The Right Way { Biofuels: Boon or Boondoggle? ; Biofuels; Green Dreams}
Producing fuel from corn and other crops could be good for the planet- if only the process didn’t take a significant environmental toll. New breakthroughs could make a difference. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
The Carbon Crisis { Confronting Carbon; Carbon’s New Math}
The CO2 from fossil fuels lingers in the atmosphere, so global warming can’t be undone. But catastrophe can still be averted. BY BILL McKIBBEN MAP SUPPLEMENT: CHANGING CLIMATE
Animals, Humans Trade Disease { Infectious Animals; Zoonotic Diseases; Deadly Contact}
When zoonotic diseases pass from animals to humans, pandemics can result. Scientists are tracking lethal new viruses. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON
Space Age Turns Fifty { The Space Age at 50; Space: The Next Generation}
Sputnik left Earth a half century ago this month. Now proponents hope to revive the romance of human space exploration. BY GUY GUGLIOTTA


CHANGING CLIMATE(31 x 20 inches)
Contents: Map of world showing surface temperature change, 1976- 2006, and population density ( people/ square mile) ; map of world showing percent change in average annual precipitation, 1976- 2005; chart showing impacts of rising average global surface
GREENHOUSE EARTH(31 x 20 inches)
Contents: Diagram of the greenhouse effect, showing how the global thermostat is set by the amount of solar energy retained by Earth’ s atmosphere. ; Included: Atmospheric gases ( carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, ozo

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