National Geographic February 2002


Central Asia: The Stans { Central Asia Unveiled}
Central Asia Unveiled From Kazakhs in the north to Pashtun in Pakistan, over 100 ethnic groups call these storied lands home. BY MIKE EDWARDS
Cuba Reefs: Undersea Eden { Cuba Reefs: A Last Caribbean Refuge}
Cuba Reefs Gardens of sponges and exotic fish bloom in the pristine cays of Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest submerged island shelf. BY PETER BENCHLEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID DOUBILET
Mount Etna Ignites { Etna Ignites}
Mount Etna Ignites Europe’s tallest active volcano erupts in grandeur, enthralling Sicilians and intriguing scientists. BY MARCO PINNA PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
Leap of Faith { Salt Lake Valley: Olympic Leap of Faith; Salt Lake Valley’s Leap of Faith}
Salt Lake Valley Wedged between snowy peaks and its name- sake lake, this fast- growing oasis is ready for its Olympic debut. BY LISA MOORE LAROE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBB KENDRICK
A Beginning
War on Disease Microbes threaten billions of people in a world weakened by poverty, war, lack of clean water, and inattention. Former President Jimmy Carter introduces a series examining Challenges for Humanity in the 21st century. BY RICK WEISS PHOTOGR
AIDS Turns 20 { Search for a Cure; Amid the Unrelenting Spread of AIDS: Search for a Cure}
Search for a Cure Will a vaccine ever suppress HIV, the elusive virus that has caused immeasurable suffering- and more than 20 million AIDS deaths throughout the world? BY MICHAEL KLESIUS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KAREN KASMAUSKI
Elkton, Maryland: The Wedding Zip { ZipUSA: The Marrying Place: 21921; ZipUSA: Elkton, Maryland}
ZipUSA: Elkton, Maryland Where no- wait marriages once drew movie stars, thousands of couples still come each year to say I do. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY


ANTARCTICA: A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION ( side 2)(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
Topographic map created by BEDMAP consortium. ; Included: Terrain model of Antarctica’ s bedrock landscape overlaid with satellite imagery of surface details; insets show erosion of ice shelves, emergence of Antarctica as a separate continent, ice sheet
ANTARCTICA: A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION ( side 1)(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
Included: Digital mosaic of Antarctica compiled from 4, 500 scans by Canadian Space Agency’ s Radarsat I in 1997 during the first Antarctic Mapping Mission, a joint project of CSA and NASA; insets show surface elevation, ice sheet thickness, ice flow vel

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