National Geographic October 2005


The Next Killer Flu: Can We Stop It?
Tracking the Next Killer Flu In Southeast Asia a virus that kills chickens is now also killing people. The race is on to keep the bird flu from ravaging the world.

Triplet Epidemic
Central New Jersey produces more than its share of twins and triplets- far more. What’s going on here?
Battle of Trafalgar
Fatal Victory With a daring naval maneuver at Trafalgar 200 years ago this month, Admiral Lord Nelson led his outnumbered British fleet against France and Spain- and perished victorious.
Missouri Stone Age Site
Saving a Stone Age Site A dig along the Sac River in Missouri has yielded valuable clues about America’s earliest inhab- itants. Now archaeologists must move fast before it’s washed away.
Cruelest Place on Earth
Cruelest Place on Earth Baking temperatures, wastelands of salt- it’s hard to imagine a more brutal landscape than Africa’s Danakil Desert. But for the Afar people this is a home to die for.
Hawaii’s Outer Kingdom
Hawaii’s Outer Kingdom Wildlife as beautiful as art splashes across the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
Street Elephants of Thailand
Urban Elephants Thailand’s domestic giants, harshly treated by some of their handlers, face a perilous future in a land of shrinking forests and spreading cities.

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