National Geographic December 1978


Ancient Ebla Opens a New Chapter of History { Splendor of an Unknown Empire: Ebla; Ebla: Splendor of an Unknown Empire}
Excavators in northwestern Syria unearth a great city called Ebla, seat of a realm that rivaled the mightiest early civilizations, writes Howard La Fay. Photographs by James L. Stanfield, paintings by Louis S. Glanzman.
Crossing the Atlantic by Balloon { [Double Eagle II] Leaps the Atlantic; [ Double Eagle II] Has Landed! }
Three enterprising Americans, Ben L. Ambruzzo, Maxie L. Anderson, and Larry Newman, describe their pioneer flight to Europe, a feat that eluded aeronauts for more than a century. With photographs by Double Eagle II crew and others.
Ontario: Canada’s Keystone
David S. Boyer and Sam Abell travel from metropolis to muskeg across the province that pulses as the heartland of Canadian unity.
Epitaph for a Killer? { Total Victory Over Smallpox? ; Smallpox- -Epitaph for a Killer? }
After an all- out global war, smallpox threatens no more, reports Dr. Donald A. Henderson, who led the successful campaign. The only live smallpox virus now left is held in laboratories. Photographer Marion Kaplan records the final victory in Africa.
Winterkeeping in Yellowstone
When tourist throngs leave and the snows come, R. Steven Fuller and his family stay behind to guard shuttered cabins and lodges above the Yellowstone River. It’s a lonely life, but full of beauty and special reward.
Thor Heyerdahl Sails in the Wake of Sumerian Voyagers { [Tigris] Sails Into the Past}
In a ship of reeds based on craft of 5, 000 years ago, explorer Thor Heyerdahl follows the wake of forgotten Sumerian mariners. Carlo Mauri and other crewmen photograph the voyage.

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