2001 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2001

    Grizzly Cornered!

    Marco Polo III

    Homeward Bound

    Urban Sprawl

    The American Dream?

    Cuba's Gold

    Treasure From Sunken Galleons

    Monhegan Island

    Cool Welcome in Maine

    Kingdom of Aksum

    Ethiopia's Keepers of the Faith

    ZipUSA: 70085

    On the Bayou in Delacroix, LA

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  • National Geographic August 2001

    In Focus: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Oil Field or Sanctuary?
    Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Rich in caribou and in oil, Alaska's coastal plain is a hot topic in the nation's energy debate. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL Web Special To drill or not to drill? Share your thoughts with us.
    Frozen Inferno; Russia's Kamchatka { Russia's Frozen Inferno}
    Russia's Frozen Inferno A hardy team reveals the explosive peaks and steam- pocked glaciers of Kamchatka, land of volcanoes. BY JEREMY SCHMIDT PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
    God's Square Mile: 07756 { ZipUSA: Ocean Grove: God's Square Mile in Jersey; ZipUSA: Ocean Grove, New Jersey}
    ZipUSA: Ocean Grove, New Jersey Hymns and crashing waves serenade this surprisingly diverse Bible- wielding beach town. BY ANGUS PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
    Public Lands Are Going Public { The Big Open: Going Public With the Public Lands}
    Public Lands With a quarter billion acres of fragile western rangeland to ride herd on- and a stampede of off- road enthusiasts- the U. S. Bureau of Land Management struggles to live up to its name. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY MELISSA FARLOW
    Deadly Silk: The Spider's Web { Spiderwebs; Deadly Silk: Spiderwebs}
    Deadly Silk Spinning complex webs of incredible strength, the versatile spider makes things sticky for unsuspecting prey. BY RICHARD CONNIFF PHOTOGRAPHS BY DARLYNE A. MURAWSKI
    France's Magical Cave Art { Ice Age Masterworks: Chauvet Cave; France's Magical Ice Age Art: Chauvet Cave}
    France's Magical Cave Art Brilliant scenes of animals drawn 35, 000 years ago paint a new picture of the origins of art. BY ] EAN CLOTTES
    Megatransect III { End of the Line: Megatransect, Part III}
    Megatransect III Blackwater swamps give way to hippos in the surf as ecologist J. Michael Fay reaches Gabon's Atlantic coast, concluding his 2, 000- mile survey of central Africa's forest treasures. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS

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  • National Geographic September 2001

    How Old Is It?

    Solving the Riddle of Ages

    Africa's Game Parks

    Down With Fences

    Egyptian Tombs

    Ancient Burials Uncovered

    Changing America

    A High School Melting Pot


    Arctic Giants

    The Garifuna

    Celebrating Afro-Caribbean Roots

    ZipUSA: Dayton, TN

    The Gospel Truth

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  • National Geographic October 2001

    Rain Forest at Night { Rain Forest Night Creatures; Night Shift in the Rain Forest}
    Rain Forest at Night Darkness summons a menagerie of creatures that slither, leap, and buzz through Southeast Asia's forests. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
    California's Volcanic North { Northern California: Where Volcanoes Sleep; Once and Future Fury: California's Volcanic North}
    California's Volcanic North Sleeping volcanoes inspire eerie fables and New Age religions as well as fear of deadly lava spills. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON
    Light: Dazzling Enigma { The Power of Light}
    Power of Light It sways our moods and grows our food. A ubiquitous and enigmatic form of energy, light now shines as the tool of the future. BY ] OEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOE McNALLY
    China Treasures: Startling Discoveries at Imperial Tombs { Treasures of Ancient China; Rising to Life: Treasures of Ancient China}
    Treasures of Ancient China Terra- cotta statues- soldiers, farm animals, a potbellied entertainer and his troupe- are being uncovered at the tombs of two early emperors. BY PETER HESSLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY 0. LOUIS MAZZATENTA
    Swahili Coast: East Africa's Ancient Crossroads
    Swahili Coast A unique Islamic heritage anchors the ports of East Africa, for centuries a mecca for Arabian and Indian merchants. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CAPUTO
    ZipUSA: 00601: How Coffee Saved Adjuntas, Puerto Rico { ZipUSA: 00601: Strong Coffee, Sweet Songs; ZipUSA: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico}
    ZipUSA: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico In the plaza of this mountain town, traditional songs mix with the aroma of rich coffee. BY LINDA GOMEZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
    Field Dispatch: Kenya { New Leakey Find: Meet Kenya Man; Meet Kenya Man}
    Meet Kenya Man Humankind's family tree sprouts a new branch with Meave Leakey's discovery of a hominid skull.
    Tracking the Leopard { Tjololo: Tracking the Leopard}
    Tracking the Leopard Silent as silk, a five- year- old spotted cat prowls his 14, 000- acre territory in the South African veld. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KIM WOLHUTER

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  • National Geographic November 2001

    Hippos: An African Spring Comes Alive { Kenya's Mzima Spring; Kenya's Mzima Spring Comes Alive}
    Kenya's Mzima Spring In a protected oasis of clear pools, hippos choreograph a remarkable dance of life, joined by dung- eating fish, fish- spearing birds, and contented crocodiles. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK DEEBLE AND VICTORIA STONE
    Evolution of Whales: Strange Route to the Sea { Evolution of Whales}
    Evolution of Whales Earth's largest animals are sometimes born with a leg or two, a startling genetic reminder of the time, 50 million years ago, when their ancestors walked on dry land. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK ART BY SHAWN GO
    King Cobras: Deadly Idols { King Cobras: Feared, Revered}
    King Cobras Capable of killing an elephant, these shy Asian forest dwellers have become entwined with some unflappable humans. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATTIAS KLUM
    Pyramids: Who Built Them? { The Pyramid Builders}
    The Pyramid Builders An ancient city and graveyard reveal that free men and women- not slaves- toiled on the pharaohs'tombs. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Russia: Ten Years After { Russia Rising}
    Russia Rising Clambering from the collapse of the U. S. S. R. , Russia has emerged a decade later with four- star restaurants, cyber- cafes, Santa Claus- and social ills. Can it speed its halting progress? BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY GERD LUDWIG
    Steelville, MO: The Zip in the Middle { ZipUSA: 65565: The Middle of America; ZipUSA: Steelville, Missouri}
    ZipUSA: Steelville, Missouri Heart of the country, this Ozarks town gets by on what the creeks and woods offer. BY PETER DE ] ONGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
    Auroras: Heavenly Lights { Earth's Grand Light Show; Auroras: Earth's Grand Show of Lights}
    Earth's Grand Light Show Splashing the sky with radiant hues, auroras can crash power grids and satellite systems even as they delight scientists and spectators with their glowing gases. BY KENNY TAYLOR

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  • National Geographic December 2001

    Silicon Valley: Inside the Dream Incubator
    Silicon Valley Techno- wizards still vie for success in this exurb of San Francisco, where networking is a sport, twentysomethings cut million- dollar deals, and a psychiatrist may be your best friend. BY CATHY NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY BOB SACHA
    Antarctica's Ice Islands { Chasing a Breakaway Berg; Islands of Ice; Exploring Antarctica's Islands of Ice}
    Islands of Ice A giant Antarctic iceberg tests divers' resolve with hidden caves, lethal temperatures, and ice explosions. BY GREGORY S. STONE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WES SKILES
    Eyewitness Afghanistan
    Eyewitness Afghanistan A veteran journalist in the war- wracked nation reports on his encounters with Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the assassins of a rebel commander. BY EDWARD GIRARDET MAP SUPPLEMENT: AFGHANISTAN
    Abraham: Father of Three Faiths { Journey of Faith; Abraham: Journey of Faith}
    Journey of Faith Abraham's biblical trek through the Middle East kindled three major religions, whose past and present conflicts would surely sadden this patriarch of peace. BY TAD SZULC PHOTOGRAPHS BY REZA
    The Future Is Calling { Wired World; In Focus: The Future Is Calling}
    The Future Is Calling Distance dissolves as fiber- optic and wireless networks speed e- mails and ideas around the world. BY THOMAS B. ALLEN
    Field Dispatch: Niger { SuperCroc: A Dinosaur's Nightmare; SuperCroc}
    SuperCroc From the sands of the Sahara paleontologists wrest an ancient reptile capable of challenging any dinosaur in its path. BY PAUL SERENO PHOTOGRAPHS BY MIKE HETTWER
    Antarctica: Life at the Bottom of the World { Frozen Under}
    Antarctica Earth's harshest land, the frozen continent beckons scientists- and 15, 000 tourists a year- with crystalline air, ancient ice, and indescribable wildness. BY ROFF SMITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL


    AFGHANISTAN: LAND IN CRISIS(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Included: Relief image of Afghanistan and portions of adjoining countries; inset maps show ethnic groups, drought areas and major earthquakes, and refugee movements; illustrated timeline highlights events from the time of the first Anglo- Afghan war in 1
    AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN(31 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches)
    Included: Political map of Afghanistan and Pakistan; information boxes showing national flag, area, population, religions, languages, literacy rate, life expectancy, per capita GDP, and troop strength for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbeki

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