National Geographic October 2001


Rain Forest at Night { Rain Forest Night Creatures; Night Shift in the Rain Forest}
Rain Forest at Night Darkness summons a menagerie of creatures that slither, leap, and buzz through Southeast Asia’s forests. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
California’s Volcanic North { Northern California: Where Volcanoes Sleep; Once and Future Fury: California’s Volcanic North}
California’s Volcanic North Sleeping volcanoes inspire eerie fables and New Age religions as well as fear of deadly lava spills. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON
Light: Dazzling Enigma { The Power of Light}
Power of Light It sways our moods and grows our food. A ubiquitous and enigmatic form of energy, light now shines as the tool of the future. BY ] OEL ACHENBACH PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOE McNALLY
China Treasures: Startling Discoveries at Imperial Tombs { Treasures of Ancient China; Rising to Life: Treasures of Ancient China}
Treasures of Ancient China Terra- cotta statues- soldiers, farm animals, a potbellied entertainer and his troupe- are being uncovered at the tombs of two early emperors. BY PETER HESSLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY 0. LOUIS MAZZATENTA
Swahili Coast: East Africa’s Ancient Crossroads
Swahili Coast A unique Islamic heritage anchors the ports of East Africa, for centuries a mecca for Arabian and Indian merchants. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CAPUTO
ZipUSA: 00601: How Coffee Saved Adjuntas, Puerto Rico { ZipUSA: 00601: Strong Coffee, Sweet Songs; ZipUSA: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico}
ZipUSA: Adjuntas, Puerto Rico In the plaza of this mountain town, traditional songs mix with the aroma of rich coffee. BY LINDA GOMEZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
Field Dispatch: Kenya { New Leakey Find: Meet Kenya Man; Meet Kenya Man}
Meet Kenya Man Humankind’s family tree sprouts a new branch with Meave Leakey’s discovery of a hominid skull.
Tracking the Leopard { Tjololo: Tracking the Leopard}
Tracking the Leopard Silent as silk, a five- year- old spotted cat prowls his 14, 000- acre territory in the South African veld. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KIM WOLHUTER

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