National Geographic December 2001


Silicon Valley: Inside the Dream Incubator
Silicon Valley Techno- wizards still vie for success in this exurb of San Francisco, where networking is a sport, twentysomethings cut million- dollar deals, and a psychiatrist may be your best friend. BY CATHY NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY BOB SACHA
Antarctica’s Ice Islands { Chasing a Breakaway Berg; Islands of Ice; Exploring Antarctica’s Islands of Ice}
Islands of Ice A giant Antarctic iceberg tests divers’ resolve with hidden caves, lethal temperatures, and ice explosions. BY GREGORY S. STONE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WES SKILES
Eyewitness Afghanistan
Eyewitness Afghanistan A veteran journalist in the war- wracked nation reports on his encounters with Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and the assassins of a rebel commander. BY EDWARD GIRARDET MAP SUPPLEMENT: AFGHANISTAN
Abraham: Father of Three Faiths { Journey of Faith; Abraham: Journey of Faith}
Journey of Faith Abraham’s biblical trek through the Middle East kindled three major religions, whose past and present conflicts would surely sadden this patriarch of peace. BY TAD SZULC PHOTOGRAPHS BY REZA
The Future Is Calling { Wired World; In Focus: The Future Is Calling}
The Future Is Calling Distance dissolves as fiber- optic and wireless networks speed e- mails and ideas around the world. BY THOMAS B. ALLEN
Field Dispatch: Niger { SuperCroc: A Dinosaur’s Nightmare; SuperCroc}
SuperCroc From the sands of the Sahara paleontologists wrest an ancient reptile capable of challenging any dinosaur in its path. BY PAUL SERENO PHOTOGRAPHS BY MIKE HETTWER
Antarctica: Life at the Bottom of the World { Frozen Under}
Antarctica Earth’s harshest land, the frozen continent beckons scientists- and 15, 000 tourists a year- with crystalline air, ancient ice, and indescribable wildness. BY ROFF SMITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL


AFGHANISTAN: LAND IN CRISIS(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
Included: Relief image of Afghanistan and portions of adjoining countries; inset maps show ethnic groups, drought areas and major earthquakes, and refugee movements; illustrated timeline highlights events from the time of the first Anglo- Afghan war in 1
AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN(31 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches)
Included: Political map of Afghanistan and Pakistan; information boxes showing national flag, area, population, religions, languages, literacy rate, life expectancy, per capita GDP, and troop strength for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbeki

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