National Geographic August 2001


In Focus: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Oil Field or Sanctuary?
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Rich in caribou and in oil, Alaska’s coastal plain is a hot topic in the nation’s energy debate. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL Web Special To drill or not to drill? Share your thoughts with us.
Frozen Inferno; Russia’s Kamchatka { Russia’s Frozen Inferno}
Russia’s Frozen Inferno A hardy team reveals the explosive peaks and steam- pocked glaciers of Kamchatka, land of volcanoes. BY JEREMY SCHMIDT PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
God’s Square Mile: 07756 { ZipUSA: Ocean Grove: God’s Square Mile in Jersey; ZipUSA: Ocean Grove, New Jersey}
ZipUSA: Ocean Grove, New Jersey Hymns and crashing waves serenade this surprisingly diverse Bible- wielding beach town. BY ANGUS PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
Public Lands Are Going Public { The Big Open: Going Public With the Public Lands}
Public Lands With a quarter billion acres of fragile western rangeland to ride herd on- and a stampede of off- road enthusiasts- the U. S. Bureau of Land Management struggles to live up to its name. BY JOHN G. MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY MELISSA FARLOW
Deadly Silk: The Spider’s Web { Spiderwebs; Deadly Silk: Spiderwebs}
Deadly Silk Spinning complex webs of incredible strength, the versatile spider makes things sticky for unsuspecting prey. BY RICHARD CONNIFF PHOTOGRAPHS BY DARLYNE A. MURAWSKI
France’s Magical Cave Art { Ice Age Masterworks: Chauvet Cave; France’s Magical Ice Age Art: Chauvet Cave}
France’s Magical Cave Art Brilliant scenes of animals drawn 35, 000 years ago paint a new picture of the origins of art. BY ] EAN CLOTTES
Megatransect III { End of the Line: Megatransect, Part III}
Megatransect III Blackwater swamps give way to hippos in the surf as ecologist J. Michael Fay reaches Gabon’s Atlantic coast, concluding his 2, 000- mile survey of central Africa’s forest treasures. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS

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