2017 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2017

    Desperate For A Cure

    In Venezuela, public hospitals turn patients away for lack of supplies, and most basic medicines are impossible to find. Out of options, the sick resort to spiritual healers.

    The Crisis On The Ice

    A dramatic rise in sea level is coming. But when?

    The Beauty Below The Ice

    A photographer finds plenty of life flourishing under Antarctic ice.

    The Last Honey Hunter

    Only one man can harvest the honey guarded by the world's largest honeybees.

    Flight School

    High-speed cameras freeze hummingbirds in time and reveal the secrets of their darts and dives.

    The Making of a Massacre

    As vengeance for a leak, the Zetas drug cartel attacked a Mexican town.

    Yellow River at Risk

    Rapid development is fueling China's rise. The cost may be a vital resource.

    { Poster } The history of stadiums

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  • National Geographic August 2017


    Explore: Stardust, star names, a solar probe, and more

    Shoot For The Moon. Again.

    Can money be made by going into space?

    A Moon Museum

    As private firms try to launch a moon industry, artifacts of the first landings may be threatened.

    Space Odyssey

    What does space smell like? Astronaut Scott Kelly reveals that and more in this excerpt from his upcoming memoir, Endurance.

    Warriors To The Rescue

    Kenyans shelter orphaned elephants.

    Messiah Complex

    Self-described saviors draw disciples.

    A Place To Go

    Outdoor defecation threatens health.

    Bolt From The Blue

    The shortfin mako, Earth's fastest shark.

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  • National Geographic September 2017

    A Tiny Country Feeds The World

    The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant, producing abundant crops using reduced resources - and pioneering new ways to fight hunger.

    The Addicted Brain

    How science can help people fight the craving that fuels self-defeating habits.

    Stewards of The Sea

    Baja California communities are preserving their fisheries - and a way of life.

    When Cooking Kills

    The health and environmental costs of cooking over an open fire and steep.

    The Gorillas Dian Fossey Saved

    Today the great apes face new challenges.


    Walls and fences already separate parts of the U.S. and Mexico - and divide public opinion.

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  • National Geographic October 2017

    Life On The Edge

    For centuries Nenets herders and their reindeer have made 800-mile annual migrations in the Russian Arctic. Now obstacles include climate change and a natural gas field.

    Becoming Jane Goodall

    Never before seen film footage shows the novice researcher during her landmark study of chimps in Tanzania. With fame came attempts to mythologize and control her - but also the means to continue the work that has been her life's passion.

    Dubai's Audacious Goal

    The energy-intensive city aims to go much greener.

    Debating Trophy Hunting

    Does hunting aid conservation, as some claim?

    Without A Home, Or Hope?

    Persecution is driving the Rohingya from Myanmar.

    On All Floors

    In an infamous Manila slum, apartment hallways teen with life.

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  • National Geographic November 2017

    Why Vaccines Matter

    Children in poor nations often go without vaccines that rich nations take for granted. As a result, hundreds of thousands of young lives that could have been saved are lost.

    The World's Happiest Places

    First the author identified five areas where people live the longest, healthiest lives. Now he's finding the places where three elements of happiness - pleasure, purpose, and pride - come together "to create lasting joy."


    Some of the weirdest animals ever to fly soared though Mesozoic skies.

    The Rush To Save Okavango

    Can one of Earth's great deltas be protected?

    The Unchosen

    A photographer's ode to animals that didn't win in county fair contests.

    Last Glance at North Korea

    A U.S. turist group visits just before the travel ban.

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  • National Geographic December 2017

    The Real Jesus - What Archaeology Reveals About His Life

    Exclusive Jaguar Photos

    Africa Goes High-Tech

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