1995 July – December


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  • National Geographic July 1995

    Kobe Wakes to a Nightmare
    Victims of last January's quake, Japan's worst disaster since World War II, cope by summoning the ancient samurai trait of gaman, or inner strength.
    Burma, The Richest of Poor Countries
    Rigid military rule hinders the development of Burma's plentiful resources and keeps her people among the poorest in the world. In remote border regions, insurgent groups have armies of their own.
    Leafcutter Ants { Leafcutters: Gardeners of the Ant World}
    Stripping away vegetation in the New World tropics, leafcutter ants turn fresh leaves into mulch for their underground fungus gardens. Serious pests for farmers and ranchers, they benefit grasslands and forests by aerating the soil.
    Rocky Times for Banff
    Canada's most popular national park wrestles with how to accommodate millions of visitors each year while guarding the grandeur of the Rockies.
    Ndoki- -Last Place on Earth
    In Africa's Congo Basin, elephants, gorillas, and leopards roam the steamy tropical forest, and chimpanzees approach humans without fear. Now a 1, 500- square- mile park protects this wildest wilderness.

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  • National Geographic August 1995

    National Geographic Photographers { Reel to Real}
    Do any of our photographers resemble the hero of The Bridges of Madison County? The men and women who shoot for the Geographic separate fact from fiction.
    Sicily: Italy Apart
    Long dismissed as country cousins by mainland Italians, Sicilians are demanding change and crying Basta! - - Enough! to corrupt politicians and the Mafia.
    North American Bats { Saving North America's Bats; Saving North America's Beleaguered Bats}
    To save these benign, insect- eating mammals, conservationists create sanctuaries in mines and caves.
    The African Roots of Voodoo
    Millions of devotees on the coast of Ghana and Togo look to animist deities for guidance.
    Bowhead Whales: Leviathans of Icy Seas
    Decimated by centuries of commercial hunting, 8, 000 bowheads swim in northern waters. Their comeback off Alaska allows Eskimos to maintain a traditional hunt for food.
    Hiroshima { Up From Ground Zero: Hiroshima}
    After fifty years, ground zero is alive with heavy industry and cosmopolitan shopping malls - - and with memories of those who perished in the world's first atomic bombing.

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  • National Geographic September 1995

    Huautla Cave Quest { Cave Quest: Trial and Tragedy a Mile Beneath Mexico}
    A daring bid to establish a Mexican cave as earth's deepest, breaks new ground.
    Hawaii's Vanishing Species { On the Brink: Hawaii's Vanishing Species}
    Evolving in isolation over thousands of years, the unique birds, plants, and insects of Hawaii are threatened by introduced species.
    Essence of Provence
    Warm, soft fragrances, and rich cuisine grace this seductive corner of southern France.
    The Giant Cuttlefish: Chameleon of the Reef
    Off southern Australia, great cephalopods dazzle with iridescent color changes and amazing intelligence.
    El Salvador Learns To Live With Peace
    A 12- year civil war has ended, and Salvadorans struggle to pull their country into a new era of peace.
    The Dawn of Humans: The Farthest Horizon
    Exploring in East Africa reveals apelike creatures that walked upright four million years ago.

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  • National Geographic October 1995

    Mountain Gorillas Of Africa: Threatened by War

    Information revolution

    Saving Britain's shore

    Mexico's desert aquarium


    The two worlds of Fiji

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  • National Geographic November 1995

    In Praise of Squirrels
    Agile and quick- witted, the eastern gray squirrel bounds through our backyards. .. and our lives.
    The Basques { Europe's First Family: The Basques}
    Along the French- Spanish border, the oldest ethnic group in Europe preserves its unique language and traditions.
    Diminishing Returns: Exploiting the Ocean's Bounty
    World fisheries are in turmoil. Fish stocks decline, nations fight over fishing grounds, and commercial fleets and subsistence fishermen must work harder than ever.
    The Great Tokyo Fish Market: Tsukiji
    The world's largest fish emporium sells seafood from around the globe.
    Sperm Whales { The Realm of the Elusive Sperm Whale}
    Living as long as 70 years, these storied marine mammals form extended family units and like to socialize.
    Oxford { The Style and Substance of Oxford}
    Quintessentially English, the 800- year old university and its even older town shed some of their most beloved eccentricities.

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  • National Geographic December 1995

    Devilish horns and a fearsome 20- foot wingspan belie the gentle nature of the giant ray.
    Orion: Where Stars Are Born
    The Hubble Space Telescope grants a fresh look at clouds of gas and dust forming around young stars - - perhaps the start of solar systems.
    A Farming Revolution: Sustainable Agriculture
    As sustainable agriculture takes root across the land, farmers large and small celebrate strong yields.
    San Xavier Mission { New Face for a Desert Mission}
    Preservation efforts restore the baroque glow of Arizona's San Xavier Mission.
    Teotihuacan { The Timeless Vision of Teotihuacan}
    New finds among the ruins are putting a human face on the great metropolis of ancient Mexico.
    Jane Goodall { Crusading for Chimps and Humans. .. Jane Goodall}
    Her decades of study show that chimps in the wild are startlingly like us. Today the pioneer primatologist travels the globe to speak up for their captive and orphaned kin.

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