National Geographic July 1995


Kobe Wakes to a Nightmare
Victims of last January’s quake, Japan’s worst disaster since World War II, cope by summoning the ancient samurai trait of gaman, or inner strength.
Burma, The Richest of Poor Countries
Rigid military rule hinders the development of Burma’s plentiful resources and keeps her people among the poorest in the world. In remote border regions, insurgent groups have armies of their own.
Leafcutter Ants { Leafcutters: Gardeners of the Ant World}
Stripping away vegetation in the New World tropics, leafcutter ants turn fresh leaves into mulch for their underground fungus gardens. Serious pests for farmers and ranchers, they benefit grasslands and forests by aerating the soil.
Rocky Times for Banff
Canada’s most popular national park wrestles with how to accommodate millions of visitors each year while guarding the grandeur of the Rockies.
Ndoki- -Last Place on Earth
In Africa’s Congo Basin, elephants, gorillas, and leopards roam the steamy tropical forest, and chimpanzees approach humans without fear. Now a 1, 500- square- mile park protects this wildest wilderness.

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