National Geographic November 1995


In Praise of Squirrels
Agile and quick- witted, the eastern gray squirrel bounds through our backyards. .. and our lives.
The Basques { Europe’s First Family: The Basques}
Along the French- Spanish border, the oldest ethnic group in Europe preserves its unique language and traditions.
Diminishing Returns: Exploiting the Ocean’s Bounty
World fisheries are in turmoil. Fish stocks decline, nations fight over fishing grounds, and commercial fleets and subsistence fishermen must work harder than ever.
The Great Tokyo Fish Market: Tsukiji
The world’s largest fish emporium sells seafood from around the globe.
Sperm Whales { The Realm of the Elusive Sperm Whale}
Living as long as 70 years, these storied marine mammals form extended family units and like to socialize.
Oxford { The Style and Substance of Oxford}
Quintessentially English, the 800- year old university and its even older town shed some of their most beloved eccentricities.

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