National Geographic September 1995


Huautla Cave Quest { Cave Quest: Trial and Tragedy a Mile Beneath Mexico}
A daring bid to establish a Mexican cave as earth’s deepest, breaks new ground.
Hawaii’s Vanishing Species { On the Brink: Hawaii’s Vanishing Species}
Evolving in isolation over thousands of years, the unique birds, plants, and insects of Hawaii are threatened by introduced species.
Essence of Provence
Warm, soft fragrances, and rich cuisine grace this seductive corner of southern France.
The Giant Cuttlefish: Chameleon of the Reef
Off southern Australia, great cephalopods dazzle with iridescent color changes and amazing intelligence.
El Salvador Learns To Live With Peace
A 12- year civil war has ended, and Salvadorans struggle to pull their country into a new era of peace.
The Dawn of Humans: The Farthest Horizon
Exploring in East Africa reveals apelike creatures that walked upright four million years ago.

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