1994 July – December


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  • National Geographic July 1994

    Boston- -Breaking New Ground
    From its massive harbor tunnel project to its first Italian mayor, this historic city is reshaping itself. A double map supplement highlights the Boston to Washington, D. C. , megalopolis.
    Northern Goshawks { Alone With the Northern Goshawk}
    Fierce raptors, dutiful parents, squabbling chicks - - intimate scenes of the hawks' life are observed from a tree blind, as their nesting grounds in the West fall prey to logging.
    Not since World War II have Americans been so aware of wasting things. Cans and bottles, paint, tires, and motor oil, it makes economic and environmental sense to use them again.
    The Tale of the [ San Diego] { [San Diego: ] An Account of Adventure, Deceit, and Intrigue}
    In 1600 the Spanish galleon San Diego sank while battling a Dutch ship 20 miles off Manila Bay. This archaeological time capsule of Spanish life in Asia has revealed some unexpected finds.
    Viruses: On the Edge of Life, On the Edge of Death
    Microscopic bundles of genes, viruses stunt tomatoes, drive dogs mad with rabies, and cause human woes from common colds to killer flus to AIDS. Scientists race to identify the newest threats.

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  • National Geographic August 1994

    Soviet Pollution { The U. S. S. R. 's Lethal Legacy; Lethal Legacy: Pollution in the Former U. S. S. R. }
    In pursuit of economic self- sufficiency, the Soviet empire left a foul legacy of dying forests, filthy waterways, and disfigured children across its vast territory.
    Deadly Jellyfish of Australia { A Killer Down Under: Australia's Box Jellyfish}
    Camouflaged by murky waters, the delicate box jellyfish packs a lethal punch: Venom from its tentacles can kill a human in four excruciatingly painful minutes.
    Chornobyl { Living With the Monster- -Chornobyl}
    At the site of the world's worst nuclear accident, two surviving reactors continue to produce electric power for an energy- poor - - and fearful - - Ukraine.
    Can Do Space Project { Students With a Mission: NASA Puts the Can Do Project in Orbit}
    When NASA's shuttle Endeavor headed skyward last summer, spirits soared at South Carolina schools that sent - - and got back - - a payload of student experiments.
    Lions of Darkness
    Stalking the grasslands of northern Botswana under cover of night, prides of lions bring down large prey - - Cape buffalo, young elephants, and even hippos.
    England's Lake District: Beauty Besieged
    Wordsworth called it a blended holiness of earth and sky. Today this poetic rolling landscape receives 12 million visitors each year - - and feels the strain.

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  • National Geographic September 1994

    Inner Japan
    Serenity lingers in the villages and lush valleys of Japan's western slope, where rice farmers and artisans honor the nation's ideals of family, tradition, simplicity.
    Ireland on Fast- Forward
    On emerald pastures, livestock grazes in the shadow of factories. Manufacturing now surpasses farming in the island nation, where hopes for the future crowd out dreams of a romantic past.
    The Sonoran Desert: Anything But Empty
    This parched realm of cactuses and pronghorns that straddles California, Arizona, and Mexico, faces increasing development. A double map supplement highlights Mexico's cultural heritage.
    Fantasy Coffins of Ghana: To Heaven by Land, Sea, or Air
    With a new funerary tradition - - brightly painted coffins shaped like animals, airplanes, and luxury autos - - Ghanaians honor the dead and celebrate their lives.
    Crimea: Pearl of a Fallen Empire
    Resort for tsars and commissars and headquarters of the Soviet's Black Sea Fleet, the historic peninsula is the prize in today's tug- of- war between Russia and Ukraine.

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  • National Geographic October 1994

    St. Lawrence River { The St. Lawrence: River and Sea}
    Highway of trade and summer sailors, the St. Lawrence sweeps from Lake Ontario to the wide arms of the Atlantic, where Great Lakes cargo ships give way to whitecaps and whales.
    Siberian Mummy Unearthed { A Mummy Unearthed From the Pastures of Heaven}
    Locked in an icy burial chamber beneath the Siberian steppes for 2, 400 years, a Pazyryk gentle- woman comes to light along with possessions chosen for eternity.
    The Improbable Seahorse
    Sought after live as aquarium specimens and dead as aphrodisiacs, these odd fishes found in coastal waters worldwide face growing pressure from habitat destruction.
    Legacy at Risk { Our National Parks: Legacy at Risk; Introduction }
    How well are we guarding these special places? A comprehensive report on a threatened heritage.
    The Hanseatic League: Europe's First Common Market
    Banding together in the Middle Ages, German merchants wrested power from feudal lords - - and helped give rise to a middle class. The spirit of their far- flung enterprise inspires newly free nations.

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  • National Geographic November 1994

    Rebirth of a Deep- sea Vent
    Descending to the Pacific seafloor, scientists have for the first time observed a volcanic eruption and its aftermath: the creation of living colonies of stranger- than- fiction organisms.
    Buffalo: Back Home on the Range
    All but wiped out a century ago, the American bison is winning the West as others discover what the Plains Indians have long known: The powerful animals are ideally adapted to the region.
    Madeira Toasts The Future
    The pace of life quickens on these lush islands of Portugal, whose membership in the European Union raises hope of new prosperity, yet threatens traditional livelihoods.
    The Song of Oaxaca
    In the remote villages of Mexico's most ethnically diverse state, peasant farmers cling to ancient traditions as well as age- old feuds. Music exerts the power to bring the people together.
    When Ancient Greeks Went West { When the Greeks Went West}
    Nearly 3, 000 years ago, Greek settlers crossed the sea to colonize southern Italy and Sicily. The ruins of their cities proclaim a golden realm that, for a time, out- shone Athens itself.

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  • National Geographic December 1994

    Animals at Play
    Tickling and wrestling, toying with sticks and tires, animals young and old play together and by themselves. Such behavior appears crucial to normal development. Could it also be just pure fun?
    C. S. S. [ Alabama] { The Wreck of the C. S. S. [ Alabama] : Avenging Angel of the Confederacy}
    The Confederate raider Alabama seized or burned 64 United States merchantmen before succumbing to a Union warship off France in 1864. Now a U. S. -French salvage team pieces together her story.
    Buenos Aires- -Making Up for Lost Time
    Birthplace of tango, Argentina's largest city counts 11 million people - - a third of the nation. Recovering from economic missteps, they dance to the healthy beat of free enterprise.
    Canada's Highway of Steel
    The rails that stitched a nation together still haul its grain and keep its commercial heart beating. A double supplement map focuses on the Prairie Provinces.
    America's Poet: Walt Whitman
    Celebrating the ordinary and the exalted, the scared and the sensual, this beloved 19th- century individualist still stands as an unabashed prophet of joy.

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