National Geographic August 1994


Soviet Pollution { The U. S. S. R. ‘s Lethal Legacy; Lethal Legacy: Pollution in the Former U. S. S. R. }
In pursuit of economic self- sufficiency, the Soviet empire left a foul legacy of dying forests, filthy waterways, and disfigured children across its vast territory.
Deadly Jellyfish of Australia { A Killer Down Under: Australia’s Box Jellyfish}
Camouflaged by murky waters, the delicate box jellyfish packs a lethal punch: Venom from its tentacles can kill a human in four excruciatingly painful minutes.
Chornobyl { Living With the Monster- -Chornobyl}
At the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident, two surviving reactors continue to produce electric power for an energy- poor – – and fearful – – Ukraine.
Can Do Space Project { Students With a Mission: NASA Puts the Can Do Project in Orbit}
When NASA’s shuttle Endeavor headed skyward last summer, spirits soared at South Carolina schools that sent – – and got back – – a payload of student experiments.
Lions of Darkness
Stalking the grasslands of northern Botswana under cover of night, prides of lions bring down large prey – – Cape buffalo, young elephants, and even hippos.
England’s Lake District: Beauty Besieged
Wordsworth called it a blended holiness of earth and sky. Today this poetic rolling landscape receives 12 million visitors each year – – and feels the strain.

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