National Geographic November 1994


Rebirth of a Deep- sea Vent
Descending to the Pacific seafloor, scientists have for the first time observed a volcanic eruption and its aftermath: the creation of living colonies of stranger- than- fiction organisms.
Buffalo: Back Home on the Range
All but wiped out a century ago, the American bison is winning the West as others discover what the Plains Indians have long known: The powerful animals are ideally adapted to the region.
Madeira Toasts The Future
The pace of life quickens on these lush islands of Portugal, whose membership in the European Union raises hope of new prosperity, yet threatens traditional livelihoods.
The Song of Oaxaca
In the remote villages of Mexico’s most ethnically diverse state, peasant farmers cling to ancient traditions as well as age- old feuds. Music exerts the power to bring the people together.
When Ancient Greeks Went West { When the Greeks Went West}
Nearly 3, 000 years ago, Greek settlers crossed the sea to colonize southern Italy and Sicily. The ruins of their cities proclaim a golden realm that, for a time, out- shone Athens itself.

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