2014 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2014

    Life Beyond Earth

    One of the oldest questions may be answered in our lifetimes: Are we alone?

    The Next Breadbasket

    Africa's fertile farmland represents both challenge and opportunity.

    A Moveable Feast

    That banana in your bowl has a few miles on it.

    The Wells of Memory

    One man's walk around the world continues.

    Big Fish

    The goliath grouper struggles to survive.

    Empire of Rock

    China holds the planet's greatest concentration of karst spires and caves.

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  • National Geographic August 2014

    Before Stonehenge

    The past looms large in the Orkney Islands.

    Gombe Family Album

    Meet some of the chimpanzees that changed Jane Goodall's life.

    The New Face of Hunger

    Why are there malnourished people in America?

    The Meaning of North

    In Russia's Franz Josef Land the melting ice is bringing changes.

    The Hidden World of the Great War

    Trench-fighting soldiers of World War I left behind a legacy underground.

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  • National Geographic September 2014

    The Evolution of Diet

    Would eating like our Stone Age ancestors really be healthier for us - and the planet?

    Field Rations Go Gourmet

    How the World's armies travel on their stomachs.

    50 Years of Wilderness

    In the half century since it became law, has the federal Wilderness Act met it's objectives?

    Rethinking Nero

    He's been reviled for centuries. But Nero's image, like his gilded palace, is under renovation.

    A World Apart

    Now the southern Line islands will be protected.

    Divided Kingdom

    Thailand is torn between the monarchy of the past and the politics of the present.

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  • National Geographic October 2014

    Move Over, T. Rex! The Quest For The Biggest, Baddest Predator On Earth

    Drought In The West

    Nuclear Tourism

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  • National Geographic November 2014

    Real Zombies - The Strange Science of the Living Dead

    Carnivore's Dilemma

    Mount Everest: Survivors of it's deadliest day

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  • National Geographic December 2014

    Blessed. Cursed. Claimed.

    Continuing his Out of Eden walk, Paul Salopek travels through land coveted by three faiths.

    The Joy of Food

    For as long as people have gathered to break bread together, we have savored food's power to nourish, delight, and unite.

    The Communal Table

    In Milpa Alta, Mexico, feasts feed souls.

    Cross Currents

    Can a marine reserve network save some of the richest waters in the world?

    Just Press Print

    Coming from a 3-D printer near you: airplane parts, pizzas, living tissue, and much more.


    Remember when Superfund sites were a concern? They still are.

    Cowboys on the Edge

    Like the feral cattle they capture, the bagualeros are a breed apart.

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