National Geographic October 1994


St. Lawrence River { The St. Lawrence: River and Sea}
Highway of trade and summer sailors, the St. Lawrence sweeps from Lake Ontario to the wide arms of the Atlantic, where Great Lakes cargo ships give way to whitecaps and whales.
Siberian Mummy Unearthed { A Mummy Unearthed From the Pastures of Heaven}
Locked in an icy burial chamber beneath the Siberian steppes for 2, 400 years, a Pazyryk gentle- woman comes to light along with possessions chosen for eternity.
The Improbable Seahorse
Sought after live as aquarium specimens and dead as aphrodisiacs, these odd fishes found in coastal waters worldwide face growing pressure from habitat destruction.
Legacy at Risk { Our National Parks: Legacy at Risk; Introduction }
How well are we guarding these special places? A comprehensive report on a threatened heritage.
The Hanseatic League: Europe’s First Common Market
Banding together in the Middle Ages, German merchants wrested power from feudal lords – – and helped give rise to a middle class. The spirit of their far- flung enterprise inspires newly free nations.

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