1993 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 1993

    The Power of Money
    Nearly 3, 000 years after the first coins were minted in Asia Minor, electronic wizardry is steering us to a cashless society. But in some lands, stones and pigs remain mediums of exchange.
    Money From the Sea
    For centuries, dentalium shells served as currency throughout western North America. Now researchers show how Indians of Canada's Vancouver Island harvested money from the depths.
    Roaring Through Colca Canyon { Roaring Through Earth's Deepest Canyon}
    An international crew runs Peru's remote Colca River, challenging the pounding rapids and treacherous currents of a spectacular Andean gorge.
    Astonishingly adaptable, they roamed the earth for 165 million years. New evidence reveals that some nested in rookeries and migrated in groups. A supplement map depicts the dinosaur presence in ancient North America.
    Wide Open Wyoming
    It's got a bounty of mineral riches, but native sons and daughters and wannabe Wyomingites love the state most for its open spaces and frontier spirit.

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  • National Geographic February 1993

    Newborn Panda in the Wild: A First Look
    Close- up photographs chronicle the first days of a cub named Hope, born in the mountains of China to be one of the last 1, 200 giant pandas in the world.
    Venus Revealed
    Piercing the thick sulfuric clouds of our sister planet, the Magellan spacecraft maps in unprecedented detail a superheated world of impact craters and lava flows.
    In the Heart of Appalachia
    Faced with layoffs in the coal mines and a general shortage of jobs, the people of central Appalachia fight to turn their lives around and rebuild their region.
    The Twilight of Apartheid- -Life in Black South Africa
    Free at last - - almost - - the black majority in South Africa faces a new hurdle: bloody political infighting among the very groups that led the struggle for equality.
    The Violent Saga of a Maya Kingdom
    Landmark excavations in the rain forest of Guatemala uncover fortified cities abandoned in the ninth century, shedding light on the collapse of Maya civilization.
    Mekong River { The Mekong- -A Haunted River's Season of Peace}
    The killing fields of Southeast Asia are still. Along the region's major river - - flowing 2, 600 miles from China to Vietnam - - development attests to the hopes of six nations.

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  • National Geographic March 1993

    Wellspring of the High Plains { Ogallala Aquifer: Wellspring of the High Plains}
    The Ogallala aquifer, a remarkable subterranean water source, was once thought inexhaustible. Now it suffers from overuse, challenging the inventiveness of those who depend on it.
    Easter Island Unveiled
    Haunting stone statues scattered over this remote Pacific island are mute testimony to a 1, 500- year- old culture that has been transformed by contact with the outside world.
    A Broken Empire { Ukraine: Running on Empty}
    Fiercely nationalist, Ukraine warily eyes its worrisome neighbor, Russia, even as the two share remnants of Soviet military might.
    A Broken Empire { Kazakhstan: Facing the Nightmare}
    Emerging from Russian domination, Kazakhstan bears a horrible legacy: the consequences of Soviet nuclear testing.
    A Broken Empire { Russia: Playing by New Rules}
    Inflation, pollution, shortages - - and unprecedented opportunities - - mark the chaos that has followed the Soviet collapse.
    Reclaiming a Lost Antarctic Base
    An eight- man expedition restores the first permanent U. S. station in Antarctica. East Base, neglected since 1948, now stands as an international historic monument.

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  • National Geographic April 1993

    Deadly Ambush in the Serengeti { Giant Crocodiles- -Deadly Ambush In the Serengeti}
    When herds of migrating wildebeests drink dwindling pools of Tanzania's seasonal Grumeti River, the water turns red with blood: Before herds move on, giant crocodiles feast on the calves and the careless.
    Mauritius: Island of Quiet Success
    Shortchanged by nature and beset with social problems, this small Indian Ocean nation has turned itself around, thriving today with a vigorous economy, a democratic government, and a wealth of separate yet cordial cultures.
    Alone Across the Arctic Crown
    An Alaska outdoorsman recounts his epic Arctic trek through the Brooks Range. Traveling by sled, by canoe, and on foot, he endures blizzard, grizzly, frostbite, and 1, 460 miles of grim isolation.
    Cairo- -Clamorous Heart of Egypt
    In this swollen city of 13 million, people make their homes where they can, even in ancient tombs. Facing severe pollution and high unemployment, Cairenes somehow retain a sense of serenity.
    Andrew Aftermath
    The costliest natural disaster in U. S. history, Hurricane Andrew spawned widespread devastation - - and unshakable courage - - in Florida and Louisiana. Survivors rebuild as scientists learn more about how hurricanes work.

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  • National Geographic May 1993

    Past Becomes Future for Mongolian Nomads
    With the collapse of communism and central planning, nomadic herders return to their old ways. Leaving cradle- to- grave welfare behind, they ride unfamiliar terrain in a market economy.
    Europe Faces an Immigrant Tide
    Fleeing poverty or persecution, millions of immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe seek refuge in the West. But resentment and even violence make for an often bitter welcome.
    U. S. Beekeepers: Hives for Hire { America's Beekeepers: Hives for Hire}
    Load the bees and hit the road. Key players in U. S. agriculture, migratory beekeepers roll with the seasons, renting out beehives to pollinate crops and reaping their own rich harvests of honey.
    Middle East Water- -Critical Resource { Water- -The Middle East's Critical Resource}
    Will water someday trigger war in the Middle East? The possibility exists, unless nations in the region set aside ancient animosities and cooperate to make use of adequate but dwindling supplies.
    Central Park: Oasis in the City
    The great green retreat in the heart of Manhattan offers pastoral landscapes that draw 15 million visitors each year. Since 1858, Central Park has been a model for bringing parks to city people.

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  • National Geographic June 1993

    Silence of the Songbirds
    A spring without birdsong? As human development spreads and avian habitat shrinks, many of the 200 species of migratory birds that nest in eastern North America continue to decline.
    The Iceman: Lone Voyager From the Copper Age
    Discovered by hikers high in the Alps, a 5, 000- year- old mummy reveals startling clues about Europeans of the Copper Age.
    Chesapeake Bay- -Hanging in the Balance
    With oysters, crabs, rockfish - - and the great estuary itself - - at risk from overharvesting and pollution, the six states in its watershed struggle to save the bay.
    Bangladesh: When the Water Comes
    Time and again, cyclones hurl wind and water at the densely packed Asian nation, with tragic loss of life. Yet monsoon floods bring silt, a key to growing rice in one of earth's largest deltas.
    Corn, the Golden Grain
    Domestically cultivated 7, 000 years ago from a Mexican grass, corn sustained pre- Columbian civilization, from Aztec to Zuni. Today, corn products include toothpaste, fireworks, and garbage bags.

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