National Geographic January 1993


The Power of Money
Nearly 3, 000 years after the first coins were minted in Asia Minor, electronic wizardry is steering us to a cashless society. But in some lands, stones and pigs remain mediums of exchange.
Money From the Sea
For centuries, dentalium shells served as currency throughout western North America. Now researchers show how Indians of Canada’s Vancouver Island harvested money from the depths.
Roaring Through Colca Canyon { Roaring Through Earth’s Deepest Canyon}
An international crew runs Peru’s remote Colca River, challenging the pounding rapids and treacherous currents of a spectacular Andean gorge.
Astonishingly adaptable, they roamed the earth for 165 million years. New evidence reveals that some nested in rookeries and migrated in groups. A supplement map depicts the dinosaur presence in ancient North America.
Wide Open Wyoming
It’s got a bounty of mineral riches, but native sons and daughters and wannabe Wyomingites love the state most for its open spaces and frontier spirit.

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