1991 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1991

    The Wyeth Family: American Visions
    Illustrator N. C. Wyeth turned a Pennsylvania farm into a private fantasy world for children. With varied brushstrokes his gifted offspring honor his legacy.
    Docklands- -London's New Frontier
    In the largest urban- renewal project in Europe, the transformation of a derelict waterfront on the Thames leaves longtime residents both hopeful and skeptical.
    Life at the Edge- -Beneath Arctic Ice { Beneath Arctic Ice}
    As the sun returns to the Canadian Arctic each spring, the sea ice breaks up, whales and birds return to breed, and seafloor life proliferates in an explosion of color.
    China's Youth Wait for Tomorrow
    Although intimidated by Tiananmen Square and its aftermath, the young people of China continue to dream of freedom and a better life. A supplement map explores 7, 000 years of Chinese civilization.
    Remembering the Blitz
    A Londoner looks back to the eight- month siege when, as a 16- year- old, he watched Hitler's bombers devastate his city in the early days of World War II

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  • National Geographic August 1991

    Our Electric Future { A Comeback for Nuclear Power? Our Electric Future}
    As demand rises for more electricity - - and for more nuclear safeguards - - the nuclear industry unveils designs for reactors said to be safer and more economical.
    In the Eye of Desert Storm
    A first- hand account of an Operation Desert Storm battle.
    Cuba at a Crossroads
    A last bastion of Marxism- Leninism, Cuba skirts economic collapse, but Caribbean rhythms of life continue to pulse on this island of tropical beauty.
    National Park Service at 75 { The National Park Service Turns 75; The Best Idea America Ever Had }
    The U. S. National Park Service - - 75 years old this month - - guards 357 significant sites. Dedicated men and women tend threatened wildlife and injured hikers, spot poachers, and reclaim forest, while facing an unending tidal wave of visitors.
    L' Enfant's Washington
    Two hundred years ago a French architect envisioned a gracious new capital for the infant United States. His plan left an indelible imprint on Washington, D. C.
    The Persian Gulf: After the Storm { After the Storm}
    Spilled oil sullies the Persian Gulf and shrouds of smoke from blazing wells turn day to night in the aftermath of the gulf war. Cleanup has begun, but battle scars will mark the environment for decades.

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  • National Geographic September 1991

    A Shameful Harvest: America's Illegal Wildlife Trade { America's Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Shameful Harvest}
    Seeking trophy heads, souvenirs, and profits, poachers are attacking our country's wild animal populations. Undercover operations catch a few violators, but the siege threatens to become a slaughter.
    Jumping Spiders { All Eyes on Jumping Spiders}
    They leap on unsuspecting prey in midair. They boast see- all panoramic vision. They are the remarkable jumping spiders - - one of the most colorful and acrobatic families of arachnids.
    Germany- -The Morning After { The Morning After: Germany Reunited}
    Wrenched apart after World War II, Germany is again one nation. But the merger of diverse political and economic systems is challenging the ingenuity of the German people. A double supplement map highlights historical and cultural attractions.
    Maya Artistry Unearthed
    Beneath pyramid ruins at Copan in Honduras, temples yield offerings unseen for 1, 400 years, including clay figurines and flaked stonework of incomparable craftsmanship.
    Medical Donors: A New Kind of Kinship { A New Kind of Kinship}
    Organ and tissue donors save thousands of lives each year and make possible innovative research aimed at combating disease. But demand is great, and more donors are urgently sought.

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  • National Geographic October 1991

    1491: America Before Columbus { Otstungo: A Mohawk Village in 1491}
    Of Mohawk longhouses, legends, and women's key roles.
    1491: America Before Columbus { A Southeast Village in 1491; Etowah: A Southeast Village in 1491}
    In the Southeast, nobles, towns, and sacred mounds.
    1491: America Before Columbus { Ozette: A Makah Village in 1491}
    Where whalers were chiefs and songs prized possessions.
    1491: America Before Columbus { The Land They Knew: A Portfolio}
    A portfolio of the country as Native Americans saw it.
    1491: America Before Columbus { Origins: Through Tewa Eyes}
    In the beginning. .. A Tewa recounts his origin myth.
    Lord Howe Island: Australian Haven in a Distant Sea
    Named a world heritage site in 1982, this volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea east of Australia is a refuge for rare flora and fauna.
    1491: America Before Columbus { Voices: Indian Perspectives}
    A portrait of life in 1491 told by Native Americans and accompanied by photographs of the beautiful landscapes that were their home.
    Rubies and Sapphires
    Dazzling even in industrial uses, crystals of corundum sparkle brightest as popular gemstones. Most pour through Thailand before reaching the world market.
    1491: America Before Columbus { Pueblo: Search for the Ancient Ones}
    Tracing a Southwest culture 2, 000 years old.

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  • National Geographic November 1991

    Zaire River { Lifeline for a Nation- -Zaire River}
    Market, clinic, and moving van, a flotilla of barges carries 5, 000 passengers on a thousand- mile journey through the African nation of Zaire.
    Satellite Rescue
    Grabbed from the brink of a fiery fate by the shuttle Columbia, a travel- scarred satellite promises to solve many mysteries about the environment of space.
    New Zealand's Insect Giants { Wetas- -New Zealand's Insect Giants}
    Little changed in 200 million years, wingless insects called wetas grow to the size of mice.
    Alaska Highway: Wilderness Escape Route
    A World War II military road hacked out of the frigid wilds of Canada and Alaska has become Main Street to a community of adventurers and dreamers.
    Japan's Sun Rises Over the Pacific
    From TV factories in Thailand to golf courses in Australia, investors from the world's largest creditor nation spread prosperity to a rapidly industrializing region.

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  • National Geographic December 1991

    Pittsburgh- -Stronger Than Steel
    Former king of steel, Pittsburgh paints on a bright new face with riverside parks, high- tech laboratories, and gleaming corporate headquarters, yet vibrant old neighborhoods endure.
    Ibn Battuta, Prince of Travelers
    In an epic adventure that lasted three decades, a 14th- century Muslim scholar roamed 75, 000 miles through Africa and Asia - - one of the world's great journeys of exploration.
    Return to Pearl Harbor { Pearl Harbor: A Return to the Day of Infamy}
    Fifty years after the surprise attack that drew the United States into World War II, American and Japanese survivors share recollections of that fateful day. A map supplement details key events in the global conflict.
    Australia's Magnificent Pearls
    Farming oysters in the nutrient- rich tides off their northwest coast, Australians produce lustrous South Sea treasures - - the world's largest cultured pearls.
    High Frontier of the Rain Forest Canopy { Rain Forest Canopy: The High Frontier}
    Penetrating a little- known realm more than a hundred feet up in the trees, scientists are unlocking secrets of plants and animals that never touch ground.

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