National Geographic September 1991


A Shameful Harvest: America’s Illegal Wildlife Trade { America’s Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Shameful Harvest}
Seeking trophy heads, souvenirs, and profits, poachers are attacking our country’s wild animal populations. Undercover operations catch a few violators, but the siege threatens to become a slaughter.
Jumping Spiders { All Eyes on Jumping Spiders}
They leap on unsuspecting prey in midair. They boast see- all panoramic vision. They are the remarkable jumping spiders – – one of the most colorful and acrobatic families of arachnids.
Germany- -The Morning After { The Morning After: Germany Reunited}
Wrenched apart after World War II, Germany is again one nation. But the merger of diverse political and economic systems is challenging the ingenuity of the German people. A double supplement map highlights historical and cultural attractions.
Maya Artistry Unearthed
Beneath pyramid ruins at Copan in Honduras, temples yield offerings unseen for 1, 400 years, including clay figurines and flaked stonework of incomparable craftsmanship.
Medical Donors: A New Kind of Kinship { A New Kind of Kinship}
Organ and tissue donors save thousands of lives each year and make possible innovative research aimed at combating disease. But demand is great, and more donors are urgently sought.

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