National Geographic October 1991


1491: America Before Columbus { Otstungo: A Mohawk Village in 1491}
Of Mohawk longhouses, legends, and women’s key roles.
1491: America Before Columbus { A Southeast Village in 1491; Etowah: A Southeast Village in 1491}
In the Southeast, nobles, towns, and sacred mounds.
1491: America Before Columbus { Ozette: A Makah Village in 1491}
Where whalers were chiefs and songs prized possessions.
1491: America Before Columbus { The Land They Knew: A Portfolio}
A portfolio of the country as Native Americans saw it.
1491: America Before Columbus { Origins: Through Tewa Eyes}
In the beginning. .. A Tewa recounts his origin myth.
Lord Howe Island: Australian Haven in a Distant Sea
Named a world heritage site in 1982, this volcanic remnant in the Tasman Sea east of Australia is a refuge for rare flora and fauna.
1491: America Before Columbus { Voices: Indian Perspectives}
A portrait of life in 1491 told by Native Americans and accompanied by photographs of the beautiful landscapes that were their home.
Rubies and Sapphires
Dazzling even in industrial uses, crystals of corundum sparkle brightest as popular gemstones. Most pour through Thailand before reaching the world market.
1491: America Before Columbus { Pueblo: Search for the Ancient Ones}
Tracing a Southwest culture 2, 000 years old.

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