National Geographic November 1991


Zaire River { Lifeline for a Nation- -Zaire River}
Market, clinic, and moving van, a flotilla of barges carries 5, 000 passengers on a thousand- mile journey through the African nation of Zaire.
Satellite Rescue
Grabbed from the brink of a fiery fate by the shuttle Columbia, a travel- scarred satellite promises to solve many mysteries about the environment of space.
New Zealand’s Insect Giants { Wetas- -New Zealand’s Insect Giants}
Little changed in 200 million years, wingless insects called wetas grow to the size of mice.
Alaska Highway: Wilderness Escape Route
A World War II military road hacked out of the frigid wilds of Canada and Alaska has become Main Street to a community of adventurers and dreamers.
Japan’s Sun Rises Over the Pacific
From TV factories in Thailand to golf courses in Australia, investors from the world’s largest creditor nation spread prosperity to a rapidly industrializing region.

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