National Geographic July 1991


The Wyeth Family: American Visions
Illustrator N. C. Wyeth turned a Pennsylvania farm into a private fantasy world for children. With varied brushstrokes his gifted offspring honor his legacy.
Docklands- -London’s New Frontier
In the largest urban- renewal project in Europe, the transformation of a derelict waterfront on the Thames leaves longtime residents both hopeful and skeptical.
Life at the Edge- -Beneath Arctic Ice { Beneath Arctic Ice}
As the sun returns to the Canadian Arctic each spring, the sea ice breaks up, whales and birds return to breed, and seafloor life proliferates in an explosion of color.
China’s Youth Wait for Tomorrow
Although intimidated by Tiananmen Square and its aftermath, the young people of China continue to dream of freedom and a better life. A supplement map explores 7, 000 years of Chinese civilization.
Remembering the Blitz
A Londoner looks back to the eight- month siege when, as a 16- year- old, he watched Hitler’s bombers devastate his city in the early days of World War II

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