1985 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 1985

    Koko's Kitten
    Using sign language, Koko the gorilla asked for a cat. Jane Vessels and photographer Ronald H. Cohn portray the 230- pound great ape's gentle reactions to her gift.
    Bronze Age Shipwreck
    A brief account of the discovery and excavation of a 14th century B. C. shipwreck by underwater archeologist George F. Bass.
    The Planets: Between Fire and Ice
    From Mercury to Pluto, planetary exploration is adding new knowledge about the origins and possible future of our solar system. Rick Gore profiles our neighbors in space, marveling that life on earth thrives in such a narrow niche between unlivable extr;
    The New Face of Baghdad: Iraq at War
    In Iraq's booming capital William S. Ellis and Steve McCurry discover that the nation's devastating five- year- old war with Iran is out of sight and seemingly out of mind.
    Yosemite- -Forever?
    Can being loved too much cause insurmountable problems? David S. Boyer and Jonathan Blair present the wonders and woes of Yosemite, the attempts to preserve its beauty while making the park available to all.
    Jamaica: Hard Times, High Hopes
    Long plagued by economic woes and political upheaval, the island nation is attempting a comeback, attracting much- needed dollars with programs for new exports and a revitalized tourist industry. Charles E. Cobb, Jr. , and David Burnett report.

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  • National Geographic February 1985

    The Poppy- -For Good and Evil { The Poppy}
    Peter T. White and photographer Steve Raymer report on Papaver somniferum, the source of untold suffering, unrivaled pain relief - - and the seeds on you dinner roll.
    Greenland's 500- Year- Old Mummies { The Mummies of Qilakitsoq}
    Startlingly well preserved, 500- year- old Inuit bodies offer new insights into the life of the early Greenlanders. By Jens P. Hart Hansen, Jorgen Meldgaard, and Jorgen Nordqvist.
    Transatlantic Solo by Balloon { The Long, Lonely Flight}
    First transatlantic solo balloonist, Joe W. Kittinger, Jr. , describes the three and a half days aloft that won him that title as well as the record for solo flight distance.
    Time Catches Up With Mongolia
    Former masters of Asia, Mongolians reach for industrial strength under Soviet guidance. Thomas B. Allen and photographer Dean Conger document some time warps.
    Maine's Working Coast
    Threading harbors, inlets, and islands, David Jeffery and Kevin Fleming meet the lobstermen, boatbuilders, and entrepreneurs who carve a living from this granite shore.

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  • National Geographic March 1985

    When the Vikings Sailed East { Viking Trail East, When the Rus Invaded Russia. .. }
    Crossing the Baltic into northern Europe's Slavic heartland, early Scandinavians raided and traded down the Dnieper and Volga Rivers. Robert Paul Jordan, photographer Jim Brandenburg, and artist Michael A. Hampshire re- create a tumultuous era.
    Storing Up Trouble. .. Hazardous Waste { Hazardous Waste: Storing Up Trouble. .. }
    What should we do with this dangerous and inevitable by- product of industry. There are no easy answers, report Allen A. Boraiko and photographer Fred Ward.
    Susquehanna: Small- Town River { Susquehanna: America's Small- Town River}
    From central New York State to the Chesapeake Bay, Peter Miller and William T. Douthitt follow this major yet quiet river as it meanders past the homes of farmers, steelworkers, and coal miners.
    Miniature Horses
    R. L. Blakely and photographer Thomas Nebia capture the spirit of lovable equines that measure less than three feet tall.
    Of Spirits and Saints { Haiti's Voodoo Pilgrimages: Of Spirits and Saints}
    Magic religion merge in voodoo - - the folk cult of Haiti. Carole Devillers joins pilgrim festivals in which African ancestral spirits and church saints are equally celebrated.

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  • National Geographic April 1985

    Troubled Kabul { Kabul, Afghanistan's Troubled Capital}
    Life goes on in the Afghan capital despite the rockets of war, Mike Edwards and photographer Steve Raymer discover.
    Festival of India { Focus on India: Festivals Across U. S. Celebrate a Diverse Culture}
    Festivals and exhibitions in a score of U. S. cities will proclaim a nation's heritage.
    Nr- 1, Inner- Space Shuttle { NR- 1, the Navy's Inner- Space Shuttle}
    Geologist Robert D. Ballard uses the Navy's nuclear- powered research sub to explore the Atlantic floor. Photos by Emory Kristof.
    Those Eternal Austrians
    Investigating a European success story, John J. Putman and Adam Woolfitt find a neutral nation thriving on its postwar social and economic achievements.
    Isle Royale, Park Primeval { Isle Royale, A North Woods Park Primeval}
    Amid chill in Lake Superior lies a wilderness testing ground for wolves, moose, and other wildlife, John L. Eliot and Mitch Kezar explore this seldom visited national park.
    New Delhi: India's Mirror { New Delhi: Mirror of India}
    A new city grafted onto an ancient one, the capital epitomizes the problems and promise of the country. Bryan Hodgson and Steve Raymer report.
    When the Moguls Ruled { When the Moguls Ruled India: Paradise on Earth }
    Exquisite palaces, mosques, and gardens graced an empire often torn by dynastic warfare. Mike Edwards and Roland Michaud record the glory of the Moguls, who ruled the Indian subcontinent for more than 300 years.

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  • National Geographic May 1985

    Battle For a Bigger Bob
    Should the Bob Marshall Wilderness be expanded? Mike Edwards finds energy firms contending with champions of grizzlies and elk. Photographs by Dewitt Jones.
    Bob Marshall { A Short Hike With Bob Marshall}
    Backpacking through the preserve named for a pioneer of our wilderness system, Mike Edwards and Dewitt Jones trace Marshall's strenuous life and battles for conservation.
    Worlds Within the Atom { Illustrations text; Tevatron: A Particle Factory ; Search for the Atom ; Inside the Atom }
    Scientists delve into the ultimate structure of matter with mammoth machines and mindboggling mathematics. John Boslough and photographer Kevin Fleming report.
    Journey Up the Nile- -River of Legend { Journey Up the Nile; Dam Against Famine }
    Following earth's longest river to its source, Robert Caputo journeys from the Mediterranean to the Mountains of the Moon.
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial { America Remembers}
    Vietnam veterans remember their comrades lost in America's longest war at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C. Photograph by Michael S. Wilson.
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial { Editor's Postscript: Ten Years Later; Ten Years Later; Editor's Postscript: Southeast Asia Ten Years Later}
    The conflict goes on, both within and between the nations of Southeast Asia.
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial { To Heal a Nation}
    Born of one man's crusade, a memorial to those who served begins reconciliation with a war that still haunts us. By Joel L. Swerdlow.
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial { Echoes of a War}
    Recollection and fellowship, says veteran Timothy S. Kolly, may help to heal the nation.

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  • National Geographic June 1985

    Great Salt Lake: The Flooding Desert { No Way to Run a Desert: The Rising Great Salt Lake}
    Fed by successive seasons of record snowmelt and rain, the great Salt Lake overspreads its desert basin, threatening the handiwork of man. Rick Gore and Jim Richardson report on a continuing crisis.
    Along Afghanistan's War- torn Frontier
    Daring the border, Debra Denker and Steve McCurry join Afghans who fight and those who flee in a stalemate war that has killed countless civilians and forced a quarter of the population into exile.
    Fair Skies for the Cayman Islands
    In a Caribbean mecca for scuba divers, financiers, and tourists, Peter Benchley and David Doubilet meet an island people in touch with their past and planning a bright future.
    U. S. -Mexican Border: Life on the Line { Life on the Line: U. S. -Mexican Border}
    Despite illegal crossings, drug smuggling, and neighborly tensions, life along the border brings benefits to both nations. Mark Kramer and Danny Lehman travel the line from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.
    Java's Wildlife Returns { Return of Java's Wildlife: In the Shadow of Krakatau}
    A century after the eruption of Krakatau devastated a wide swath of the Javanese mainland, Dieter and Mary Palge find that plant and animal life has returned in abundance to an area left desolate, now a national park.

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