National Geographic March 1985


When the Vikings Sailed East { Viking Trail East, When the Rus Invaded Russia. .. }
Crossing the Baltic into northern Europe’s Slavic heartland, early Scandinavians raided and traded down the Dnieper and Volga Rivers. Robert Paul Jordan, photographer Jim Brandenburg, and artist Michael A. Hampshire re- create a tumultuous era.
Storing Up Trouble. .. Hazardous Waste { Hazardous Waste: Storing Up Trouble. .. }
What should we do with this dangerous and inevitable by- product of industry. There are no easy answers, report Allen A. Boraiko and photographer Fred Ward.
Susquehanna: Small- Town River { Susquehanna: America’s Small- Town River}
From central New York State to the Chesapeake Bay, Peter Miller and William T. Douthitt follow this major yet quiet river as it meanders past the homes of farmers, steelworkers, and coal miners.
Miniature Horses
R. L. Blakely and photographer Thomas Nebia capture the spirit of lovable equines that measure less than three feet tall.
Of Spirits and Saints { Haiti’s Voodoo Pilgrimages: Of Spirits and Saints}
Magic religion merge in voodoo – – the folk cult of Haiti. Carole Devillers joins pilgrim festivals in which African ancestral spirits and church saints are equally celebrated.

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