National Geographic June 1985


Great Salt Lake: The Flooding Desert { No Way to Run a Desert: The Rising Great Salt Lake}
Fed by successive seasons of record snowmelt and rain, the great Salt Lake overspreads its desert basin, threatening the handiwork of man. Rick Gore and Jim Richardson report on a continuing crisis.
Along Afghanistan’s War- torn Frontier
Daring the border, Debra Denker and Steve McCurry join Afghans who fight and those who flee in a stalemate war that has killed countless civilians and forced a quarter of the population into exile.
Fair Skies for the Cayman Islands
In a Caribbean mecca for scuba divers, financiers, and tourists, Peter Benchley and David Doubilet meet an island people in touch with their past and planning a bright future.
U. S. -Mexican Border: Life on the Line { Life on the Line: U. S. -Mexican Border}
Despite illegal crossings, drug smuggling, and neighborly tensions, life along the border brings benefits to both nations. Mark Kramer and Danny Lehman travel the line from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.
Java’s Wildlife Returns { Return of Java’s Wildlife: In the Shadow of Krakatau}
A century after the eruption of Krakatau devastated a wide swath of the Javanese mainland, Dieter and Mary Palge find that plant and animal life has returned in abundance to an area left desolate, now a national park.

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